5 Great Sites to Learn Photography

What is the best way to record the beautiful moment in your life? Using your camera or mobile phones to record unforgettable moments. But what should we do to improve our photography skills? Here are five best websites around and it is worthwhile spending time reading and watching videos on these websites.

  1. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is a popular blog about photography, which is created by famous photographer Darren Rowse. He wants to help all photographers to improve their skills in all aspects by sharing some tips. There are many varieties of content, including equipment review, tutorial. On top of that, all information is free, and you will immersive yourself in it for many hours.

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  1. Expert Photography

Expert Photography will help you develop your skills. When you read content on this website, there are tons of information on gears and lighting. This blog’s founder is professional photographer Joshua Dunlop whose main goal is to write and share some helpful information for everyone who loves taking pictures.

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  1. Photography Talk

Photography Talk is a professional photography website. This website has many amazing pictures taken by famous and experienced photographers. There are also much high-quality content, involving camera or gear reviews and some skills and tips.

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  1. DIY Photography

DIY Photography is another website and this blog focuses on educational information, some industry news, gear, and camera reviews as well as tips and tutorials.

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  1. Fstoppers

Fstoppers was founded by Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, which is grown into one of the biggest photography websites in the photography community. This blog aims at educating and inspiring photographers, video photographers, and other professional people.

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