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Do you have a brand-new camera and have you been overwhelmed by all buttons? Do you want to know which best camera settings are best for taking photos? Now, I will introduce some basics information. Keep in mind when you want to take clear and beautiful photos.


ISO sensitivity is a measure of the camera's ability to capture light. But often, the more iso value is, the more light will be captured by a sensor of cameras and the brighter the pictures are. It is noted that you need to use iso right according to your situation. If you set the iso high, some noise will appear.

ISO Sensitive

<<-low ISO

High ISO->>


ISO 100

ISO 6400


Large aperture or slow shutter speed to avoid over exposure

Small aperture and fast shutter speed while having normal exposure


Enough light

Not enough light


Aperture refers to “the opening in the lens”. It often represents F-number. In general, the more open the aperture is, the lighter will pass through and the shallower the depth of field is. For example, the f/4.0 has the amount of light pass through in comparison to f/8.0. And do you have standard aperture value? No, it depends on you and your situation.


<<-large aperture

small aperture->>





A shallow depth of field and more light

A deep of depth of field and less light


used in dark place

Used in enough light

Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed is that how long the sensor or film will be exposed to the light. It plays an important role in in-camera setting. Keep in mind that the longer time the sensor is open to the light, the more light will pass through and the brighter picture is. For example, if you want to shoot the birds and some cars on the road, you need to use fast shutter speed without blurring of the subject in focus. On the other hand, if you want to photograph the water or Ferris Wheel, you can use slow shutter speed to make phots a litter blurring and soft. Please remember that you cannot set the shutter speed which is slower than your focal length.

Shutter Speed

<<-slow shutter speed

Fast shutter speed->>





More light and persistence of vision

Freeze motion and less light


Not enough light when photographing

Need enough light (or need large aperture, high iso or use flashing light)

What is the M/A/S/P-Mode?

M-Manual Mode: Photographers can set the aperture and shutter speed by themselves;

A-Aperture-Priority Mode: Photographers can set the shutter speed and cameras can set the right aperture automatically. It is mainly used for adjusting the depth of field.

S-Shutter-Priority Mode: Photographers can set shutter speed and the camera can adjust right aperture. It is mainly used for taking dynamic photos and night scenes.

P-Program Auto: Camera can set the shutter speed, aperture and depth of field automatically.

How to photograph clear and beautiful pictures

Before knowing how to have beautiful photos, we need to know what factors affect image quality:

  1. Hands/Cameras Motion;
  2. Moving Subject;
  3. Focus Failed;

But how to avoid these mistakes?

  1. Note the safe shutter speed;

Safe shutter=1/f

When you use the camera with 80mm for photographing pictures, the shutter speed is beyond 1/80s. Note: When it is a hand-held shooting, the shutter speed is beyond 1/50s.

Focus Length

Safe Shutter











  1. Set the aperture and ISO
  2. Firstly, set the aperture-the larger the aperture is, the shallower the depth of field is (blurred background);
  3. Set the ISO Value-If the aperture is not enough, need to improve the ISO;

Street Photography

Sunny Weather: f/8 1/400s ISO 100

Cloudy Weather: f/5.6 1/200s ISO 200

  1. Tripod

If there is not enough light and the subject is moving fast, please use a tripod. Tripod can not only make your pictures clearer;

  1. First focus and then recompose your shots

All these basics you need to know and it is better for you to take photos in the future.

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