Mind-blowing photos taken with Canon cameras

Canon cameras are known for both their impressive dynamic range and frame rates alike. Over time, they’ve gotten faster, sharper, and better at rendering color. Here’s a quick look of mind-blowing photos.


相依相恋 《Interdependent love》 by Nini—秀

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (ultimate all-rounder)

With image-quality and versatility, this camera is an ultimate all-rounder for professionals and is much-loved for its spectacular color rendering and low light performance. A camera that evolves with you from portrait to landscape photographers.

Honu by Vitaliy Sokol

Canon EOS 5DS R (megapixel monster)

This best studio camera comes equipped with a 50.6-megapixel full-frame sensor for stunning resolution. For landscape and studio photographers (portrait, still life, etc.), this hefty piece of kit has proven itself over the years by offering impeccable sharpness.

Miami Sunrise by Brian Vargas

Canon EOS 800D (best entry-level DSLR)

This camera delivers great quality and a 45-point AF system, complete with a guided mode to help get new photographers acquainted with the Settings. And has a single command wheel, making it more approachable and easy to navigate.


Aquilegia " Nora Barlow " by Mycatherina

Canon EOS M5 (best entry-level mirrorless camera)

Small yet powerful—with an electronic viewfinder and WIFI/Bluetooth connectivity, not to mention continuous shooting speeds of nine frames per second. Its tilting LCD touchscreen allows for intuitive “touch and drag” focusing.


Goldfinch by Sina Pezeshki

Canon EOS 7D Mark II (best outdoor camera)

Its magnesium alloy body makes it an obvious choice for outdoor and adventure photographers, because it holds up in bad weather. It also boasts a continuous shooting speed of ten frames per second, along with a 65-point all cross-type autofocus system for capturing action.



on board... by Markus Hülsbusch

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (best pro camera)

It’s hard to beat this DSLR when it comes to fast-moving subjects like sports or wildlife. In live view, it shoots up to sixteen frames per second, with rates up to fourteen frames per second with AF/AE. It’s proven itself as a go-to for videographers and still photographers alike.


Wild flowers by Henk Lang

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (best compact camera)

Despite his pocket-sized body, his camera delivers surprising quality. 20.1-megapixel sensor for sharp photos, while the 4.2x optical zoom lens and tilting LCD give users more freedom and versatility than you might expect from a compact.  


天地之间 by 摄影杨阳

Canon EOS 80D (best mid-level camera)

Easy to use and customizable, this camera is a perfect balance for semi-pro, intermediate, and enthusiast photographers. It offers an array of handy features, including the articulated touchscreen and a top-plate LCD.  Its “Intelligent Viewfinder” covers nearly 100% of the frame, so you won’t have to deal with dead spots.

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