$126 7Artisans 55mm F1.4 II Large Aperture Photoelectric Lens is Now Available for Sale on Pergear!

The $126 7Artisans 55mm F1.4 Mark II is Now Available for Purchase Now!

The first generation of 7Artisans 55mm F1.4 has been loved by a large number of APC-S users since its release. In order to provide a better product experience, 7Artisans have upgraded and adjusted the 55mm F1.4 II photoelectric Lensthis time. 7Artisans will not change the price on the basis of ensuring the quality improvement, and truly improve the quality without raising the price.

  • Compact and excellent picture quality performance.

Compared with the first generation, 55mm F1.4 II uses higher-quality lenses and lens materials, which can effectively correct axial chromatic aberrations that are difficult to eliminate through post-processing. The resolution and resolution of the center and edges of the lens are also improved to a certain extent. Vignetting, distortion and anti-glare capabilities are all significantly improved compared to the first-generation.

  • Upgraded version, Better blur effect.

The blur effect is significantly improved compared to the first generation. The blur effect of the background is more obvious when shooting portraits, the light spots are more round and bright, and the transition from center to edge is natural and soft.

  • Common used focal length, suitable for a large variety of subjects.

The 55mm focal length is equivalent to about 85mm, and it has a good sense of perspective. It does not have the strong perspective of a wide-angle lens, nor does it have a strong telephoto compression space. It can provide gorgeous bokeh, help subject isolation, and is suitable for shooting portrait subjects and documentary subjects. It is very suitable for street shooting, portraits, scenery and still life.

  • Ideal F1.4 aputure to create a shallow depth of field.

The F1.4 large aperture is easy to create a shallow depth of field, highlighting the main character, which can effectively reduce the difficulty of composition. At the same time, the large aperture lens can better provide a dreamy and soft background blur and increase the atmosphere of the picture.

Shooting in low-light environments with F1.4 large aperture, such as indoors or at night, can ensure good imaging without increasing the ISO value or lowering the shutter. Thanks to the large aperture and compact size, this lens is very suitable for daily use, and can be applied to a variety of subjects from portraits to street photography and night scenes.

  • Increased the aperture blades for sharper image.

55mm F1.4 II has been adjusted compared to the first generation of aperture blades, from 14 to 9 blades, so the number of astral needles has also increased, from 14 to 18 needles, the effect is more sharp and beautiful. The second-generation 55mm F1.4 can easily shoot 18-pin dazzling stars even if the aperture is reduced, which is very suitable for night scene shooting and increases the playability.

  • Sample pictures.

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Daniel kim

Daniel kim

I will get it ,more shaper center and corner Better color ,no coma , and 52 mm filter tread I Must buy this 55 mm mark2 , no more canon or Nikon or Fuji film lens so much high price never. Ever buy those expensive canon ,fujifilm lens anymore next 300 years. Ttartisan, 7artisan, Laowa,kamlan, are best product and easy on my budget I hate expensive German product $15000 lens , Never buy Leica product or hasellblade or Zeiss Lens , I keep buy ttartisan or 7 artisan or kamlan or Laowa , very much I like it.

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