7Artisans Releases 18mm F6.3 Lens

7artisans, who are releasing lenses full of originality one after another, have released another distinctive lens. 18mm f / 6.3 mirrorless biscuits lens for Sony, Canon EF-M, Fuji X and M43 mounts.

The diameter is about the size of a lens cap, the thickness is 10 mm, and the weight is only 51 g, making it an ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight lens. You can enjoy shooting as easily as a smartphone, and especially when shooting at a distance, you can enjoy performance that you can't think of as a pinhole lens with a fixed F value.

Lighter than biscuits

For the past two years, 7Artisans has been actively developing and promoting lightweight lenses. E-mount 35mm / 5.6 lenses for aerial photography have been well received, and this product also makes use of its achievements.


Lens configuration: 6 elements in 4 groups
Focal length: 18 mm
F value: f / 6.3
Shortest shooting distance: 35 cm
Length: 10 mm
Weight: 49 g
Frame type: APS-C
Without lens cap
[Sample photo] by williamxu

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Unfortunately it is optically poor with an extremely far close focusing distance, making it only useful for subjects far away. The clock face design is childish and embarrassing. Many people cover it up with tape.

They should be making a new version at f8 or with a focus lever (like your 10mm f8) after their forthcoming 3 cine lenses.

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