7Artisans Releases 18mm F6.3 Lens

7artisans, who are releasing lenses full of originality one after another, have released another distinctive lens. 18mm f / 6.3 mirrorless biscuits lens for Sony, Canon EF-M, Fuji X and M43 mounts.

The diameter is about the size of a lens cap, the thickness is 10 mm, and the weight is only 51 g, making it an ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight lens. You can enjoy shooting as easily as a smartphone, and especially when shooting at a distance, you can enjoy performance that you can't think of as a pinhole lens with a fixed F value.

Lighter than biscuits

For the past two years, 7Artisans has been actively developing and promoting lightweight lenses. E-mount 35mm / 5.6 lenses for aerial photography have been well received, and this product also makes use of its achievements.


Lens configuration: 6 elements in 4 groups
Focal length: 18 mm
F value: f / 6.3
Shortest shooting distance: 35 cm
Length: 10 mm
Weight: 49 g
Frame type: APS-C
Without lens cap
[Sample photo] by williamxu

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