Godox AD100 Pro -Pocket Flash Details

Godox AD100 Pro available on pergear.com.

Godox has finally released Godox AD100 Pro. From the 0:07 of this video, you may know that this flashpoint is a round Fresnel head, which looks likes the previous product- Godox V1. At the 0:04 of this video, you can see that it is cylindrical, which is like a can of soft drink.

It leads to a heated discussion in communities about this pocket flash. Some people believe that the Godox ad 100 pro is a combination of Godox V1 and Goodx AD300 pro.

Some people hope that this small-size device will have 100-150 watt-seconds of power. For its price, some people believe that the godox ad 100 pro is less than a v1 and half price of an ad200 pro.

But now we have got more detailed information from Godox.


  1. This flash unit uses a Li-ion polymer battery which has a long runtime. The Available charge-and-discharge times are 500.
  1. It is reliably safe. The inner circuit is against overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuit.
  2. Take only 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery by using the standard battery charger.

It also has three flash modes, including TTL, M(Manual), and Multi(Stroboscopic).  

TTL mode. it can allow users to get the right exposure for subjects and background while you use the camera and flash. TTL has different functions(FEC, FEB, FEL, HSS, second curtain sync, modeling flash, control with the camera’s menu screen).

Manual Flash Mode. In this mode, you can adjust the flash output range from 1/1 full power to 1/256th power in 1/10th step or 1 step increment. Also, you can use the handheld flash meter to get the flash output you want to gain a correct flash exposure.

Multi: Stroboscopic Flash. This function has an excellent performance when shooting many images of a moving subject with a single photograph. You can set the firing frequency, the number of flashes, and the flash output.

Maximum Stroboscopic Flashes

Godox AD100Pro. Pocket Flash Details

Package Included

Godox AD100 Pro -Pocket Flash Details

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Sundar sls

Sundar sls

I’m waiting for this

Jean Sinotte

Jean Sinotte

Could be very interesting to hide and create light effect :)

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