Zhiyun New Release Product -- Smooth Q3

Improvements of Zhiyun Smooth Q3:

  • Better light and shadow support: Touch switch, 4300k warm white, 3 levels of brightness adjustment, 180° front and back flip to fill light.
  • Reduce storage size, reduce weight and increase maximum load capacity, increase zoom function.
  • Optimize button operation logic and structure design, support one-key horizontal and vertical shooting, ultra-wide-angle lens shooting.
  • Add a touch-sensitive three-stage fill light, which can be flipped back and forth 180° to fill the light.
  • SMART shooting templates: 5 → 17.
  • Diversified editing functions: reverse playback, copy, BGM, subtitles.

Comparison between Zhiyun Smooth Q2 and Smooth Q3

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Zhiyun Smooth Q3
 Size 210x120x48mm 180x136x40mm
weight  440g 340g
Maximum load 260g 280g
Scope of activity Pitch: 305° Roll: 265° Heading: 360°
Pitch: 340° Roll: 340° Heading: 300°
Zoom Not Support Support
One-click horizontal and vertical shooting Not Support Support
Super wide angle Software improvement Support (mostly)
  • Price

Zhiyun Smooth Q3: $89
Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Kit: $109

  • Shine In Every Way

Integrated rotatable fill light with touch button to light you up from all angles with three adjustable brightness levels. A guarantee for a brighter you in the front, back or 180° all around.

  • Following Made Smart & Easy

Always stay in the spotlight. Activate the SmartFollow 3.0 with just one tap via the App. (*This feature needs to be used with ZY Cami App.)

  • Say Yeah to Gesture Control

Too much to handle for your hands? Use just a single gesture to control the shooting while you can just be yourself anywhere anytime. Available in multiple panorama modes.

  • Instant Dolly Zoom

Get instant Dolly Zoom and create cinematic short films with just a few simple steps in the app.

  • Zoom It Wide. And Wider.

You deserve a wider world in your hand. Shoot it with ultra-wide angle for your vast landscapes or low-angles. (*Only available in iOS and smartphones that support wide-angle shooting.)

  • Multiple "You", Multiple Fun

Clone yourself up on the same screen with MagicClone Pano to show different sides of you.

  • Panorama

Whatever ways you want in panorama, SMOOTH-Q3 got it: Landscape mode, portrait mode, front & rear camera, 180°, 240°, 3X3... (*Gesture control is supported in panorama)

  • SMART Up Your Clips

Perfect your videos with amazing templates, music, special effects and filters. With SMART, everyone can be a video-editing pro. (*For more templates, please subscribe to ZY Prime)

  • Edit Right Away

Try online editing to generate and share the video you just made with fantastic special effect templates.(*This feature is for ZY Prime members only.)

  • ZY Cami Editor

Copy. Reverse. Add spice to your videos. Filters+Special Effects+Music+Speed Control=One And Only Masterpiece

  • Stream Like A Master

One app for all platforms. Use AILive in ZY Cami to achieve face-tracking in multiple live streaming platforms. Face tracking is also available in cameras, glamour effect apps, and short-video apps.(*This feature is for ZY Prime members only.)

  • Explore More with ZY Remo

Turn your smartphone into a remote control with ZY Remo. Switching between shooting modes and monitoring has never been easier. (*This feature is for ZY Prime members only.)

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