OSOTEK H200 Review: A cordless wet dry vacuum with replaceable mop and vacuum

OSOTEK Horizon 200 has just been released days ago, with dreame and  tineco being the the tops ranking sellers in this filed, I did not expect Osotech will bring any surprise, but I am wrong.  


Mopping and vacuuming is one of the most important things to do at home, but have you ever thought that mopping and vacuuming can be done at the same time?

That's why I love the OSOTEK H200, a wet and dry vacuum that can suck up dirt and wash the floor at the same time.It's basically a replacement for vacuuming and mopping, just gently push it go over your floor and the floor will be brightened up.

Who is the OSOTEK H200 for?

What can be said is that OSOTEK H200 is suitable for all homes with hard floors, it is perfect for busy or families with high cleaning needs. Whether you are a housewife or a white-collar worker, or you are an elderly person or even a child, you can get involved with this wet&dry vacuum because it is really easy to use, efficient and fun.

About OSOTEK H200

Design and appearance

Extra wide track type brush roller

10.5cm body thickness, can be flattened to use

HD LED screen with voice announcement function and LED lights to illuminate the cleaning area

35 minute run time

Self-propelling cleaning,more energy-saving cleaning

Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners on the market are generally very heavy, not very friendly to women who do not have enough arm strength, but OSOTEK H200 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is relatively light, and do not feel very tired after using, and the innovative roller brush solves the problem of many wet and dry vacuum can not be cleaned along three sides, that is, the corners can also be easily cleaned, in addition, the ability to 180 ° lying flat cleaning function this Is really wonderful, for my home table, cabinet, sofa and the ground distance is relatively low, these positions can also be easily cleaned, which is the most prominent advantage of OSOTEK H200 after I used a variety of wet and dry vacuum.

Innovative brush roller

Tracked brush roller, cleaning area is 4 times than the cylinder type single brush roller, it can cover the entire surface of the floor, can improve the cleaning efficiency of 5 times, greatly saving the time needed to clean.

 OSOTEK H200 Review

Perfect range - Easy cleaning under furniture

This is one of the most surprising features of this wet and dry vacuum for me. My furniture is very low to the floor, so cleaning the bottom is especially difficult, but the OSOTEK H200 can easily clean the bottom of the furniture. Thank goodness I finally cleaned the bottom of my bed and sofa.

osotech review

Perfect Edge to Edge Cleaning

The front and sides of the brush roller can be cleaned along the wall edges, corners, dead angle dirt can be easily cleaned. This is also the first time I use, can three sides along the edge of the wet and dry vacuum, most of the current wet and dry vacuum can only do a single side of the edge of the clean, but also some do not have this function.

edge cleaning

Self-cleaning system

You don't need to clean it like a mop after using the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, just touch the top of the handle to activate the self-cleaning cycle when you put the handle back into the charging stand. You can then go and do other things, very convenient.

 osotech  self cleaning

What is the price and where can you buy it?

OSOTEK H200 has a retail price of $499.99, but you can buy it now for much less. In the US, Amazon is currently selling it for $399.99. You can save a full $100.Click the link below to get a $100 off coupon.


Package list:

OSOTEK H200 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner



0.75 litre clean water capacity

Runtime: Max 35 minutes

 osotech  package list

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