Zhiyun smooth Q3 Review

Zhiyun has released a brand-new device-zhiyun smooth Q3, which is so attractive and nice for many customers. Now, we will test this new device and offer some honest opinions to you before you make a purchasing decision.

Summary: Zhiyun smooth Q3 allows you to shoot videos and pictures easily.  With its integrated rotatable fill light, it can make you look great and nice as well as brighten you in the front-back or 180° all around.

I enjoy shooting videos and often want to record some beautiful moments in my daily life.  I often think that a professional camera is a must-have device when taking a good video or interesting pictures. I have changed my mind after the phone gimbal is released for the first time. A good phone gimbal can also create good content. Even compared to a heavy camera, the phone gimbal is lightweight and easy to carry.  It is a piece of perfect video-making equipment during traveling.

If you want to record some nice videos during vacation or love presenting your life via vlogging, the zhiyun smooth q3 is an affordable device for you.     

Foldable Design

I think that portable comes first as a phone gimbal. Zhiyun does a good job when it comes to size and weight. Weighing only 0.75lb(340g), Zhiyun smooth Q3 is a lightweight and easy-to-carry phone gimbal. It can be folded and you can put it into your bag or suitcase. The battery is also very important. Often, it takes me a long time to record satisfying videos and pictures. We need a powerful battery. Zhiyun Offical says the zhiyun smooth q3 is equipped with a built-in 1500Amh battery and it can be operated over 10 hours.

Integrated Fill Light

It is an interesting feature of ratable fill light, which is a great addition to the zhiyun smooth Q3. It is easy to control the light via a smooth touch button. I have to say that it is very useful. Sometimes, we cannot get good results when taking some pictures or videos in low light conditions. The light solves our problems. If you are doing a livestream video in a low-light situation, the light can brighten up your surrounding environment and make your face look nice.

Follow Mode

Zhiyun smooth Q3 has the same follow mode as its previous version. I love this mode very much. Sometimes, we need to take some videos without losing of focus. This mode can always stay in the focus. It will deliver some good and amazing results.

Good for Time Lapse

This phone gimbal is a three-axis device and so it fits in time-lapse and you can use the zhiyun app and choose the mode you love, such as duration time, interval time, and some different directions and motion path.

Under Slung Tracking Shot

You can flip the gimbal upside down and make the gimbal low to the ground. Then you need to lift the gimbal gradually as you are walking. It is a good shot and especially when you want to give your viewers some good impressions and feelings.

Many Good Templates

For some beginners, it is hard to make a good video. But don’t worry. Zhiyun offers some amazing templates to make video-making easy and efficient. It has music, special effects, and filters and you can choose one based on your experience and situation.

Some Reviews from YouTube Influencer

The Hybrid Shooter:

“The price is a lot better than I expected, so it is also a very good value”


“I had a fun with day with zhiyun smooth q3 and actually I’ve been using it for about a week and I enjoyed it.”

Other Feedback from Some Customers

Zhiyun smooth Q3 Review

Zhiyun smooth Q3 Review
If you like taking videos or pictures or want to purchase a device to start your vlogging life, zhiyun smooth q3 is a great and nice phone gimbal. Make your life and video-making easy and efficient.


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