TTArtisan 50mm F1.2 Lens for Fuji X-Mount Cameras


Color: Black


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Ian Timothy

If you are into portrait photography this lens must be in your bag. It is very sharp wide open. More than enough for head and head and shoulders shots. Stopped down to f2.0 the contrast makes the image glow. Colour rendering is not too punchy and this is is great for skin tones. A good photographer cannot go wrong with this lens. Obviously it is purchased for the f1.2 aperture. And in bright sun you’ll soon be running out of high shutter speeds. The irony is, a ND filter will cost nearly as much as the lens. Although, it is worth buying a ND filter. Wide open the lens does suffer from chromatic aberration in areas of high contrast. Learn to live with this aspect of the lens. A lens hood is a good idea and a cheap 52mm metal hood will be fine. Out of focus area is smooth and pleasant. It is simply not possible to go wrong with this lens. It is remarkable value for money. The build quality, focus and aperture rings could not be better. It is impossible to understand how a lens this good can be at this price point. If you are looking for a manual focus wide aperture 50mm lens. Look no further. It is a brilliant lens, capable of amazing results. Buy it!

Thank you so much for you feedback Ian :)

Peter Charles
Great lens and a super bargain

By accident, I saw a gushing review on Youtube on this lens. Absolutely agree that this is an exceptional lens for stills and probably also for video. My one complaint is, no filter size is given. Specs say 62mm diameter, so I foolishly assumed that was also the filter size. However, that is not the case and so I am going to guess the filter size is 55 or 58mm, until I test this out. Note, I am one of those people that have a high quality filter and lenshade on all my lenses...


Very nice build quality, excellent image quality, good sharpness at full aperture, beautiful colors and good contrast. For the price this object is unbeatable

Customer Reviews

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