TTArtisan 50mm F1.4 Full-frame Tilt Lens for Sony/Fuji/Nikon and M4/3 Cameras

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Lens Mount: Sony E-Mount
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Funky lens to have fun

For such a low price it's a fun lens to try out tilt-shift photography. Yes, it's very soft at 1.4 and the purple fringing is pretty crazy, but just stopped down to 2.8 it becomes very much usable.

Definitely happy with lenses construction, all metal, and everything works smoothly. Creates cool effects and something a bit different for those special shots or fun time out doing street photos.

If you're after sharpness and perfection than this is not the lens for you, but if you want a dreamier look with the option to shift your focus plane as you wish then go for this lens.

Frida Martinez
interesting lens

Super interesting lens, I love it

Samantha Tallant
absolutely insaaane lens:)

They have promotions on some holidays, I bought it at 10% discount for new year sale, love it.

Kyle Hanson
Love it and would love a wider angle one too

Really love this lens, lots of fun, changes up a bit how I see and compose, just great! Would love and buy and wider angle one, somewhere between a 17mm and 23mm on Fuji crop sensor.

Customer Reviews

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