Pergear 14mm F2.8 II Full-Frame Manual Lens for Sony, Nikon, Canon, Leica Cameras

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Lens Mount: Sony E-Mount
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David Cohn Cohn
Good optics, poor filter holder

As another reviewer said, the 82 mm filter adapter is an extremely loose fit and risks having the holder plus filter fall to the ground. The only solution I see is to tape the holder on, but that seems silly. Instead, I will send the lens back and go to a different brand. Too bad.

Jaroslav Provaznik
Correction to previous review

Correction of a previous review: I am correcting a previous review. I contacted the company, they immediately sent me a video where I discovered the necessity of using very, very strong, even excessive force to tighten the filter holder. I was worried before writing the original review that I would damage the lens body itself during the tightening. Everything is resolved with this and I thank the company for its exemplary response and consider my problem resolved. Thank you very much.

Jaroslav Provaznik
Lens accessory defect Pergear 14mm F2.8 II

Your product Pergear 14mm F2.8 II for Sony E was delivered to me on 17/01/2024. Everything about the lens was OK, but I was unpleasantly surprised by the additional holder for 82mm filters. When I put this metal holder on the lens, I risk my Hoya filter and the holder falling to the ground with the slightest movement. The mount has a lot of play in the bayonet mount and cannot be tightened or snapped into a solid connection with the lens at all. It is constantly being released. This possibility of using a filter was the main reason I bought your lens. I'm disappointed.


Physical construction quality is good but the optical quality is poor, I think the lens is defective. Pergear has been informed several days ago but so far no response.

¡Difficult to believe!

I was skeptical about the performance that a lens of this price could give...but the performance has left me amazed, the sharpness, absence of coma and aberrations for astrophotography, and the possibility of mounting 82 circular filters.

Its only flaw is Flare (poor resistance to bright lights).


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