7artisans 7.5mm F2.8 Lens for Sony, Panasonic, Fuji and Canon


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Paul C
excellent on micro four thirds

I have had this lens now for 2 years- used with micro four thirds cameras. I have reviewed it for the MU43 web group with photos taken.

This lens enables me to get ultra wide images in fast moving situations when the alternative of a stitched panorama will not work. On m43 the image fills the frame. Using software such as DXO I am able to concert the fisheye view into a rectilinear perspective. Resolution, contrast and colour is good. As with all ultra wide images, the corners have to be stretched so resolution there falls..... but not by much.

Close focus is very good. Confirmed focus is straightforward: either set at f5.6 and use a hyperfocal distance or use the magnification settings on a Olympus or Lumix camera and I have had no difficulty.

Crucial to getting a good ultra wide view is to shoot horizontal, so get a spirit level accessory to fit the camera hotshoe.

I looked at the cost of Lumix or Zuiko alternative lenses, and the price difference is massive. This makes this lens the best value ultra wide option. I would certainly get it again.

I use this as a travel lens. It has good build quality and has kept working in great dust and humidity in Asia on several trips. Just don't loose the custom lens cap!

The lens is a fisheye design, with means that chromatic aberration is low despite having few lens elements.

Customer Reviews

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