Pergear Professional CFexpress Type A Memory Card (1TB)

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Package: 1TB CF Type A Card
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Quality product at a great price


I have run the simultaneous recording on my FX6 with this 1TB card and an Angelbird 1TB card, but used the data from the Pergear card a couple times this week (probably 120 minutes of footage across 2 shoots) without an issue.
Used this card in one of my FX30’s for an hour and it was fine.
Not sure when I will feel like it can be trusted as much as my Lexar, Angelbird or heck even the couple Exascend CFEX-A cards I’ve had for a while, but I’m not there yet. It’s only been a couple weeks.

One annoyance that makes me cringe a bit (and why I marked it down to 4 stars) is the top sticker/label seems like it is missing some adhesive - like it has an air bubble behind it (or is already broken?) so it clicks when I press on it. Not even hard, just normal handling in my fingers. Card has worked fine since I noticed the click, but none of my other cards do that. Maybe I’m just LOOKING for an issue with the card, but when you’re looking…AND you find something (anything) it doesn’t feel good.

Justin Hatch
Amazing Cards @ Amazing Prices

Thank you for setting the bar for pricing and quality on your CFexpress Type A Cards. These cards are high quality like the sony tough cards and hold their own against them. No failures on your cards and they are a complete workhorse. If you are thinking about getting Sony tough cards or even Angelbirds, take a look at these cards instead.

Customer Reviews

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