Pergear 35mm F1.6 Manual Focus Prime Fixed Lens for Sony/Fuji and M4/3 Cameras

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Mount: Sony E Mount
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Alan Kyker
Great Lens for M4/3

This is my goto lens for short telephoto on my GX85. It uses all the pixels and is inexpensive which earns it all the stars.

Paul C
great value for micro four thirds

I have several 35mm prime lenses for m43. All are manual focus. The perspective on micro four thirds cameras is useful; either as a portrait lens at short distance in the home or as a "standard" lens that excludes close foreground to tighten up a composition.

There a c-mount 35mm lenses but these are very difficult to use as a stills camera lens as the aperture rings are placed too close to the camera body. Legacy film lenses are usually f2.8 or f3.5, and with adapters get to be very bulky. this native mount lens makes a much better option than either.

Colour, micro contrast and resolution on m43 is good. Mechanical action is better than a similar 35mm alternative for m43.;Fit a long lens hood and flare control is the fine except for direct sun in the frame.

So out of now 5 X 35mm lenses to choose from, the pergear is my best choice.

Marc J
These lenses are replacing legacy lenses

What can I say other than this lens is a great product, especially for the asking price. These new Chinese lenses are really good and can easily replace many of the old legacy lenses that we all like to adapt to our mirrorless cameras for that old school look. The sharpness is fine and the bokeh really nice. Built quality cannot be faulted.

Leon Q. Truong
Great for Twitch/YouTube Live streaaming

I mainly got this lens for Twitch and Youtube Live streaming. I didn't want to spend huge amoun tof money on a 35mm but wanted that f/1.6 This was a great lens for that purpose.
I also went outside to do some testing and you can clearly see the image quality in my video. The bokeh is beautiful, and the sharpness, once you focus in on your subject, is clear. The lens does take some skill to use mainly because it is manual focus, which is the reason why I choose this lens for my Twitch/Youtube live streaming. Since you are just sitting there streaming you don't need autofocus. Just set and go.

Josh Bingham
Very well built, small and hefty, sharp lens

Very Small but hefty. It feels like entirely metal construction. Feels much sturdier than your average prime. Smooth focus and a de-clicked aperture. The lens comes with a padded case for carrying it around, the usual caps, and a lens hood for decreasing light flares with 43 mm threaded top for attaching filters.

This Lens could be used for film work. But it is small so travel for the aperture pull is pretty short. The aperture ring is tighter than the focus which is nice so that you dont worry about it getting bumped easily or while trying to change the focus. There is definitely breathing when pulling focus.

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