Pergear LaserStorm S10 10W Eye Protection Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

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reallly good laser

Really pleased with this

I received the LaserStorm a couple of days ago, and after setting it up, I’ve just tried cutting one of the sample files provided (an outline of a dog in 2mm plywood). It took about a minute to do the actual cutting and the result was of a very high quality. Considering I’ve never used a laser cutter before today, it was pretty much effortless and looks really professional.

Although it comes with instructions, I’d recommend using the Youtube tutorial to help with setting things up - just search for “pergear laserstorm s10 setup”. Setting up the software, positioning the laser and material, and setting the right distance between them are all really easy and intuitive. Then you just load a file and press go. Oh, and the protective goggles (included) look really cool too!

All in all, I’m very happy with this and I’m really looking forward to using it a lot in future!

WOW! What an amazing machine!

I purchased this product from Amazon UK. Having recently purchased a CNC machine with a laser i was very disappointed with the performance, therefore i looked for a more powerful laser that could fit my needs. I came across the Pergear Laserstorm S10, so i decided to order. The next day the laser arrived. Installation was quick and easy and the build quality of this product is fantastic.

The laser is a dual 5w diode so i am getting twice as much laser power as my CNC laser. The speed this laser works at is amazing, super fast with no loss in quality! The laser works great with Lightburn. The cut and engrave quality is absolutely fantastic! The Pergear Laserstorm S10 is a beast of a machine... it really is the best laser i have ever owned! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE PERGEAR LASERSTORM S10, it's a fantastic investment!

Customer Reviews

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