TTArtisan 100mm F2.8 Full-Frame Bubble Bokeh Lens for M42 and Leica M Mount Cameras

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Alan Kyker
Painting with soap bubbles.

To start painting with soap bubbles just set the aperture at F2.8 and focus on something close with a sparkly background. That is the reason for this lens existing and it delivers.

Soap bubbles turn into noisy bokeh at some point. Fortunately stopping down to F4 or F5.6 removes the bright ring while keeping the aperture circular (no ugly polygons). But is the lens any good without its defining feature? The Trioplan design is known for being sharp in the center and soft in the corners. That is essentially what it produces. It is not pixel-peeping sharp on my 42MP Sony A7R III, but there is plenty of detail in the center for cropping.

I have been very happy with my pictures so far at both wide open and stopped down. This is not a mission critical lens, but if one has time to make art it has promise.

I gave this lens 5 stars because it nailed what it was made to do, but it is not without its limitations. It is manual focus and manual aperture. It requires an adapter to work with modern mirrorless cameras. It is subject to flare but a lens hood is helpful. Did I mention the soft corners?

This is my third TTArtisan lens and they have great build quality.

nice art lens

nice lens. will shine in sunny weather. soft wide open. artistic bokhe.

here is some test examples


Great service and product

Customer Reviews

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