5 Best Moments for Oscars 2020

The Academy Awards 2020 is done. This year’s show was full of highs and thrilling moments. For those people who missed the magic of Academy Awards or want to relive the nice moment of this show, here are this year’s 5 best moments and pictures for all of you.

  1. “Parasite” took Hollywood's top prize -Best Picture

Korea's 'Parasite’ won the best picture at the Oscar 2020 as non-English film and it also won the best international feature. Miky Lee, a Korean entertainment mogul, attempted to take a turn at the mic, but the lights on the stage dimmed as the camera prepared to return to Jane Fonda, who would close the night. All audiences protested and said” up! Up! Up!” and the light finally shone back to the winner.

  1. Audience cheered.Elsas and Annas from Around the World

The song “Let it go” in the “frozen” are sung by famous actress- Irina Mezel on Broadway. Mezel performed “Into the Unknown”, the song from Frozen 2 on the stage. She sang the song with nine women from around the world, from Thai to Castilian. The result was so beautiful and unforgettable melody.

  1. James Corden and Rebel Wilson Dressed as Cats

This show on the 92nd Academy Award is one of the most interesting parts. James Corden and Rebel Wilson took this great chance to present the Best Visual Effects and they dressed in cat costumes. It is so fun. After introducing some candidates, they began to hit the little mic again and again as it was a cat toy. All the audience were laughing and cheering.

  1. “Memoriam” Segment

The Memoriam segment plays an important part in the Academy Awards. It mainly pays tribute to the movie stars, film crew members who died in the previous year. Every year, 40-50 people are selected by the academy. All these people will be honored. This year, Kobe Bryant honored at the Oscars. “I think what’s really appropriate is that Kobe was part of the film community, and as such, he will be embraced within the In-Memoriam section,” producer Stephanie Allain said at a press conference, according to the Los Angeles Times.

  1. “I’m ready to drink tonight,” 

The film parasite cleaned up at the Oscars 2020. Many people across the world know the film’s director -Bong Joon-ho and his word “I’ m ready to drink tonight”. When Bong Joon-ho won the second Oscar of best international Feature Film, he said his word with only English: “I ‘m ready to drink tonight”. Bong was thrilled and stolen a glance at his Oscar. Interestingly, he also won the best director and he concludes his acceptance speech: “to drink tonight until next morning.”

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