20 Best Male Model Poses Ideas

             “I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”

                                                     — Gilles Peress

A good picture is worth a thousand words; apart from seven elements (line, shape, form, texture, pattern…, Pose is also a good element in this picture.

The pose is a performing art, and it adds fun and creative male photoshoot ideas to your photography, but many people feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera, especially men. 

They are called camera-shy people. Have you got any experience in having no idea what great poses will best for a picture? If this answer is Yes, you will

20 Male Model Poses Ideas

Or when you just got a brand-new camera and a perfect camera lens and want to take better photos of your friends, you don't know how to pose them. Then, you got an image like this:

20 Male Model Poses Ideas


I think that many people want to take some great pictures. Or they want to look good in pictures.

Like these photos:

 20 Male Model Poses Ideas

20 Male Model Poses Ideas

These are casual poses and how do we solve this problem and get awesome poses?

Maybe you need to read this posing techniques for male models and get some inspiration from these tips. Then it would be best if you practiced via improving your photography skills and your awesome poses.

Finally, you will make a fantastic picture after putting these male models' poses and ideas into practice.

Or you will look like a male model or men photography:

Here I'll show you the top 20 men photography and ideas and start with these, and you will get a good result with this male fashion poses.All these model posing are good for men.

Full Body Poses

Many people have no idea how to pose correctly in front of the camera when it comes to body poses for male.This is male standing poses.

Below is a photo of male models' poses. it is casual standing pose. It looks handsome and friendly.

 20 Male Model Poses Ideas

Now, let's look at our photo.

20 Male Model Poses Ideas

We feel uncomfortable and very unconfident in front of a camera. Our subconscious mind may tell us how to naturally pose our body, but our conscious mind does not.

Why? How do we pose like a male model when taking pictures?

Here we offer several male models' poses and ideas. You can use them for your next full-body portrait.

Contrapposto20 Male Model Poses Ideas

Contrapposto is a good start for male models' poses. But many people don't understand what the contrapposto is.

"Contrapposto is an Italian term that means "counterpoise". It is used in the visual arts to describe a human figure standing with most of its weight on one foot so that its shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs in the axial plane". (source: Wikipedia).

It is a relaxed, natural, and attractive pose. It is one of the most well-welcoming male models poses. It will help if you ask your model to relax.

Top Tips: Make sure to pose naturally. Ignore the camera and relaxed.

Leaning on Wall

20 Male Model Poses Ideas

Another great way to make your images appear more natural is to lean on something.

Leaning against the wall will help people relax in terms of body language. You can ask models to rely on the wall. You can take pictures from any angle.

Top Tips: Arm up and put your hand in your pocket, leaning on the wall. Looks so cool.


20 Male Model Poses Ideas

Adding some walking shot is a great idea. People can walk side-on to the camera and turn, making sure their hands keep loose. Model's knees slightly bent. Walk slowly and casually.

Top Tips: Bringing people's knees together will create a perfect shape for the model's body.

One Leg Up

20 Male Model Poses

This model pose may be an exciting and attractive idea. Not only lean against something (tree, wall) but also one leg up.

Top Tips: Putting people's hands in their pockets looks masculinely and handsome.


20 Male Model Poses

It is believed that jumping is a challenging pose, even male models. It is a little tricky and complicated for many people to jump and have excellent posture simultaneously.

But don't worry. Here is a guide. It is easy. Ask your model to bring their legs upward, then get your camera ready. (such as focus point, autofocus). In the end, you can get a better jumping photo.

Top Tips: Focus on figuring out useful expressions.

Sitting Poses

The next crucial male model pose is sitting. Firstly, let’s look at the male sitting pose.

Look at a bad one.

 20 Male Model Poses

Now let’s continue to learn with five famous sitting poses.

Keep in mind that models need to appear calm and relaxed, not stiff when sitting down. Then you will get the best images.

Just Sit Down

20 Male Model Poses

Some people may think that sitting down poses is more challenging than standing up. This pose is so easy, and it makes a man look masculine. It is an excellent and simple pose to start with.

You can ask your model to sit down comfortably. Photographers need to lead your model to make a more natural facial expression. Such as a big smile.

Top Tips: keep the model’s hands, arms relaxed. Putting the model’s arms naturally at one side will help hands relaxed.

Crossed Legs

20 Male Model Poses

Lead your model to cross one leg over the other and make two legs stuck together.

Top Tips: Natural.

Back and front Chairs

20 Male Model Poses

Sometimes a great accessory is an excellent addition to the whole images. You can ask the model to sit backward on the chair. Or ask them to rest their hands on the chair. Or you can try other creative and fun poses like this one.

Top Tips: Natural and Smile.

No Chairs

20 Male Model Poses

Compared with previous men's model poses, sitting on the floor is the most straightforward pose. The base is a good accessory. You can ask your model to sit on the floor comfortably and look at the camera.

Top Tips: Men sitting on the floor with bare feet may be attractive.


20 Male Model Poses

Stairs are an essential part of the outdoor photoshoot. It can add some interest to your shot and frame your subject.

Stairs are suitable for sitting and reclining poses. You can have your model sit in front of the camera with their hands on their knees.

Top Tips: Offer your person something to do with his body.

Using Hands

Hand gesture plays an essential role in taking pictures and human-human communication. Men get nervous and feel uncomfortable if their hands have nothing to do. So, keeping your models’ hands busy will make them relax.

Model’s Pose vs. Ours

 20 Male Model Poses

20 Male Model Poses

Hand in Pocket

20 Male Model Poses

Placing hands in the pocket is the most popular pose when taking photos. You can ask your models to keep their hands in their pockets. Ensure the model appears relaxed.

Top Tips: Natual.

Hands Behind Head

20 Male Model Poses

This pose also calls the “stretch.” It looks like a good stretch and warm-up before doing some exercises. Look at this photo. It shows the shape of his body. To get a good result, you need to ask your model to stretch naturally. The pose looks so lovely.

Top Tips: You need to extend your arms upward.

Throw Over Jacket

20 Male Model Poses

This pose looks so cool and shows the model’s masculinity. It would help if you asked your model to put one hand in the pocket with the other hand throwing his jacket over the shoulder.

Top Tips: Ask your model to relax and smile naturally.

Hair Swipe

20 Male Model Poses

The next fashionable posture is hair swipe. You will ask your model to run his finger on the hair while the model needs to look at the camera. Model’s expression is critical. You can shoot the model at a simple, candid moment.

Top Tips: Focus on the model’s facial expression.

Hand on face

20 Male Model Poses

Putting your hands on your face will create an exciting and unique image. You can lead the model to place their hand on the chins and their elbow on the knees. It will get outstanding pictures.

Top Tips: Models need relaxing.

Where To Look

The truth is that you can look whatever you want. But many men feel awkward in front of the camera, partly because they have no idea where to look when taking some pictures.

So, photographers need to help these people. But some photographers also don’t know some tips. These tips will be helpful. Here are some tips and skills that allow you to take some attractive pictures.

Models vs. Ours

 20 Male Model Poses

20 Male Model Poses

Look Away from Camera

20 Male Model Poses

When taking portrait photos, many people or contemporary photographers don’t know where to look.

Significantly, the model’s eyes determine where the readers of your images look. The first tip is to take your attention from the camera. Ask your model within the frame and create a focal point for your shots.

Top Tips: Relax.

Look Down

20 Male Model Poses

If you want to highlight something, looking down away from the camera is an excellent choice. When taking portraits, you can ask your models to look down and focus their eyes on some places, such as a window.

Top Tips: Focus on eyes.

Look Over Shoulder

20 Male Model Poses

This pose is exciting and attractive. When a male model has this pose, it seems that someone just called him. At the same time, photographers will take a natural and beautiful smile.

But when taking pictures, you need to ask your model not to stretch his neck too far and pay more attention to his neck.

Top Tips: Photographing your models from behind.

Back to Camera

20 Male Model Poses

This pose is a special one, and you can ask your model to stand in the back of the camera without facing the camera directly. It will show the model’s hair and its.

Top Tips: Ask your mode to look to the side.

Using Prop

 20 Male Model Poses Ideas

The prop is often an essential part of photography, and once you use this skill correctly, it can add some interesting context to your images. It can also make your models feel comfortable when using the prop.

But keep in mind that the more creative and exciting props you use, the better your images will become.

For example, if you want to take a sportsman picture, you may give some balls, bats, or other equipment to your models. Or if you take photos of a muscle man, you will offer your models to chest pull, dumbbell, butterfly, etc.

Top Tips: imaginative as much possible when you take portraits and use props.

Final Tips:

There are so many tips and skills on male poses. But some essential tips that you should keep in mind:

Posing your or your model’s body; Using your model’s and your hands;

Capture facial expressions:

Besides, if you want to learn more information on how to pose like a male model or get a good man portrait, you can check these helpful resources:

770 Male Model Poses Ideas from Pinterest(There are so many handsome male and creative poses that you need to check and learn).

Pose Like a Male Model from Wikihow(Introduce some basic and common male poses, and if you are newer, this information is helpful for you).

If you prefer to watch some videos on male model poses. Here are some:

Tips on How To Pose Men on Anita Sadowska

Male Model Poses For Beginners on DLM Model Lifestyle 

PDF-60 Photography Model Poses



Now you may know many different modeling poses, and they are best poses or male photography. And you may get some inspiration from them. What is your next step? Just grap camera and camera lens, and start it. It will help if you put what you’ve learned into your practice. Then you will improve your men photoshoot skills.

I hope these methods will ensure your next shot better. and these are good for male photoshoot.

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