7Artisans Will Release An Autofocus Lens Soon - AF 50mm F1.8 for Sony and Nikon

7Artisans will soon release their first autofocus lens, a 50mm f1.8 for Sony and Nikon cameras. The lens is equipped with an aperture ring, a focus ring and an AF/MF switching lever.

The 7Artisans AF 50mm f/1.8 uses a 62mm filter mount, has an optical structure of 11 elements in 9 groups, F1.8 aperture, 50mm focal length, 11 aperture blades, a focus range of 0.5m-∞, a 62mm filter mount, and a lens body size of 72*104mm. Weighs about 421g.

At the same time, this lens is also equipped with an STM stepper motor and an all-metal lens body, which claims that there is no need to worry about focusing problems. The lens also supports face/eye recognition function, which can use the human face or human eyes as the subject and automatically set the accurate focus point and exposure.

This lens is currently out of stock on all platform, and it is expected to be available in January.

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