New Product Launch: Pergear CFexpress Type A Cards (80GB/260GB/520GB Available)

The new series CFexpress type A cards are specially designed for Sony A1\A7IV\A7SIII\A7RV\FX3\FX6 cameras. It has 3 versions, 80GB、260GB and 520GB, the prices are $99、$189、$359 for the card.

Warranty Period

The CFexpress type A cards provide 5 years long term warranty.

Read&Write Speeds

Read write speeds vary according to capacity, with the 80GB card capable of 800MB/s max read and write speed, and a minimum 600MB/s sustained write performance. The larger capacity cards have a slightly higher 880/900MB/s maximum read/write speed, but a slower 400MB/s sustained write rating. All three capacities are available now.

Alternatively, for an extra $30, each card can be bundled with a Pergear CFexpress Type A + SD card reader. This is a native USB-C reader supplied with a Type-C to Type-A adapter, and transfers via an advertised USB 3.1 interface. If that means its running at Gen 1 speed, transfers through the reader will top out at 625MB/s, but if the reader is using the more modern Gen 2 interface, it should be fast enough to max out a Type A card.

Compatible Device

Compatible Device Release Date
A7 IV 21st Oct. 2021
A1 26th Jan. 2021
A7SIII Sep. 2020
A7RV Oct. 2022
FX3 23rd Feb. 2021
FX6 Nov. 2020


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