Godox Ving V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash Kit Been Officially Released! What's the Upgradation and Is It Worth Buying?

Today, Godox released the V860III, it's the upgradate version of the V860II. And the price is only $229. It's compatible with the Canon, Sony, Fuji and Nikon Cameras.
The newly upgraded Godox V860III is and powerful as the V860II, including 2.4G radio transmission and TTL function, and is compatible with the main control and the wireless flash system. On this basis, V860III not only adds modeling lights and TTL/M shortcut keys, but also further optimizes battery performance, upgrades the quick-install hot shoe shrink, and meets the needs of high-efficiency lighting and improves shooting efficiency.

※※※ Upgrades of the NEW Godox V860III-C, V860III-N, V860III-S, V860III-F and V860III-O

1) Modeling light for pre-visualization: With LED modeling light added, 1-10 level adjustable brightness, convenient to observe and change the light and shadow effect any time

2) Quick switch for smooth control: One-key switch TTL/M mode

3) Optimal battery performance: 1.5 seconds of fast recycling, 480 times of full power output

4)1/8000s High-speed synchronization, stroboscopic flashing

※※※ Package Content:


※※※ The Godox V860III is pre order, orders will be shipped at Sept ASAP. Pre-order from Pergear, and you will get the extra color filters and diffusers.

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