LAOFAS D Series Softbox Newly Released

LAOFAS D Series Softbox is now available in Pergear!

With YouTube and other platforms that allow you to easily share videos, and the increasing number of online events these days, the needs for video recording equipment, especially lighting-related products, are increasing more than ever.

Pergear also handles a lot of lighting equipment, but this time, we have launched the D series of LAOFAS, a brand that is becoming more popular mainly for light boxes.

What is LAOFAS? 
Based on the concept of a product that is simple, easy to use, and that anyone, regardless of professional or amateur, can easily enjoy shooting, it is a brand that releases in-house developed products centered on lighting equipment. One of the features is that most products use Bowens mounts.

Features of LAOFAS D series softbox
A light box with 16 rods that is almost circular in shape. It uses a light and durable diffusing material with a highly reflective coating to provide the desired light source.

Quick setup
With the quick release speed ring, you can easily install and remove the softbox in just one minute.

Standard Bowens mount
Compatible with a variety of Bowens mount lighting equipment such as GODOX SL60W SL150W SL150II SL120II VL150 VL300 UL150 Aputure 300D II 300X 120DII.

Perfectly Round Catchlight
Offers an exceptionally round beam of light that is almost a perfect circle.

Two diffusers and grid
Comes with two diffusers and a grid. By using these properly, you can get the light as you imagined. Great for portraits, interviews, documentaries, music videos and more.

With carrying case
Comes with a special carrying case. Convenient to carry.

There are three sizes, 60 cm / 90 cm / 120 cm. You can choose according to the size of the shooting space.

More Laofas products:

LAOFAS U Series 70/90 / 120CM Umbrella Softbox

A softbox that creates a deeper, softer light source. There is not much difference in color temperature, and it retains a natural hue. You can adjust the light with two Duffisers and grit.

LAOFAS Softbox Beauty Dish

A shallow softbox with a center deflector disc. The secondary reflection creates an attractive spotlight, making it ideal for portraits and artistic portraits.

LAOFAS Lantern Softbox

A lantern-type softbox that provides a 360-degree uniform soft light source. It can be used not only from the left and right, but also from directly above.

We will continue to deliver various LAOFAS products in the future. Stay tuned!

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