New! Godox ML60w Portable Video Light is Comming Soon!

GODOX as a professional photo equipment manufacturer. They have produced lots of amazing gears for photography. We can say that Godox SL60w is one of the most popular video light in the world. But I think all the users have their suggestion or complains about the light, and so do I. Every company take their customers' opinion into deep consideration, so does Godox.

In the basic of SL60, Godox made and upgraded a new video light which is more portable, light weight and convenient. It comes with battery adapter which means you can take the light wherever you want. It's only 0.77kg weighing, which means boys and girls can both take it out easily. It comes with Silent mode, which means there no noise in your video. It comes will all the advantages the customers want, and what's the most importantly? It's bright as SL60 do!

But there is one thing I think most of us are unsatisfied. The mount, ML60 is also Godox mount, not bowens mount. Godox is very close to completing their entire lineup of COB LED lights for video with most of them performing very well, however this move to make the new 60w proprietary will most likely discourage customers rather than entice them to invest into a full godox system because of forcing them to buy things that will only work with the ML60. But in the other hand, I do think it's not a big deal, because we Pergear are planning to sell Light + Bowens Adapter package.

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Daniel Constant

Daniel Constant

Wow I am very excited !

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