NEW Released -- TTArtisan 7.5mm f/2.0 APS-C Fisheye Lens

Specifications of TTArtisan 7.5mm F2.0

* The TTArtisan 7.5mm f/2 fisheye lens is for sale at Pergear NOW.
Focal length: 7.5mm
Maximum aperture: F2
Minimum aperture: F11
Frame: APS-C (Full frame cameras can use directly without switching to APS-C mode)
Focuse method: Manual
Viewing angle: 180° ( M43 mount ≈ 150°)
Filter size: Not supported
Closest focuse distance: 0.2m
Aperture blades: 7
Optical structure: 11 Elements in 8 groups
Weight: 343~370g
Compatibility: Sony E Mount/Fuji FX Mount/Canon EOS-M/M43 Mount/RF/Z/L

Comparison of TTArtisan, 7Artisans and Pergear Fisheye Lens

TTArtisan Pergear 7Artisans

$149 at Pergear

$172 on Amazon

$129  $139
Aperture F2 F2.8 F2.8
Optical Structure 11 Elements in 8 groups 8 Elements in 9 groups 9 Elements in 11 groups
Aperture Blades 7 10 7
Closest Focuse Distance 0.2m 0.12m 0.15m
Weight 343~370g 300g ≈265g
Viewing angle 180° 180° 190°


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