TTArtisan New Lenses Preview: 28mm f5.6 and 23mm f1.4

TTArtisan will release 28mm f/5.6 and 23mm f/1.4 at the end of 2021. Whether it's 28mm f5.6 or 23mm f1.4, the retro literary appearance makes you look cool and elegant when shooting with the lens. When you are not taking pictures, looking at its exquisite appearance can also give you a feeling of life full of small fortune.

Update 26th April 2022: 7Artisans 28mm f5.6 M mount will be release at 6th May.

28mm and 35mm are known as the two most commonly used focal lengths for humanistic subjects. 35mm is known as the "Humanistic Eye". Because of its greater depth and greater visual impact, 28mm is also very popular and favored by creators of humanistic subjects. Overall, these 2 TTArtisans lenses are perfect for portrait and street photography. (APS-C 23mm f1.4 is equivalent to about 35mm in full frame)

TTArtisan M 28mm f5.6

TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 is a lens designed for immersive street photography by the following 3 aspects:

  1. Ultra-light and ultra-thin: The height of the lens is extremely thin--19mm. Even with brass material used, the lens weighs only 151 grams. It is super light and portable, and also conducive to humanity photography.
  2. F5.6-F22 Small aperture range provides a greater depth of field, which is convenient for the use of hyperfocal distance capture.
  3. The focus lever will automatically locked when it is turned to infinity, quickly unlocked by pressing it.

MTFSample Pictures of 28/5.6

TTArtisan APS-C 23mm f1.4

The APS-C 23mm f1.4 lens has a large aperture of F1.4, which expands its subject range and creative environment. By using it for portrait photography to create a beautiful out-of-focus blur effect. In low-light environments, a large aperture can also help output high-quality photos with low noise.


Sample Pictures of 23/1.4

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