VILTROX 23mm/33mm/56mm f1.4 Autofocus Lenses for Nikon Zfc is Available for Purchase

Nikon recently official released the Zfc retro-style Z-mount APS-C mirrorless camera. This Nikon Zfc retro-style camera body is available in seven colors: black, pure white, rice, gray, pink, mint green, and amber brown.

Nikon Zfc equipped with 3 dials on the top of the fuselage, which are used to set the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation, as well as a small window showing the aperture, which can intuitively confirm the basic camera settings. This design is for people. With a retro and elegant low-key temperament.

The 3 lenses showed upon is available for purchase now.

The body of this new Nikon APSC camera is made of magnesium alloy material, the design is small and light, the size is 135mmx94mmx44mm, and the weight is 455g, which is very suitable for users to carry outside.

The Nikon Zfc equipped with approximately 20.88 million effective pixels APS-C frame image sensor and Expeed 6 image processor. The sensitivity range is 100-51200. It supports static and video eye detection autofocus and animal detection autofocus. Make it possible to shoot clear images even in low-light environments.

It uses a reversible display, which can be used for vertical shooting at low or high angles, supports 4K 30p HD video shooting, and has the same 20 creative optimization calibrations as the Nikon Z50 camera.

Three Viltrox lenses for Nikon z mount to be released and real shots of Nikon zfc installed!

The launch of Nikon zfc attracted a lot of onlookers, everyone praised the retro appearance and easy operation, but also complained about the half-frame lens group. Well, Viltrox are about to bring three all-metal autofocus lenses for Zfc. Not to mention the economical price. The fixed focus large aperture, high image quality, fast and quiet autofocus system, you must buy it. Zfc is the weapon of escort.

The Viltrox 24mm f1.8 for Nikon Z-mount is available for sale. Use the 5% discount to buy the new lens! (discount code: NikonZfc-Viltrox)

TTArtisan also released three new silver APS-C lenses for Nikon Z-mount, the 3 lenses can perfect match for the Nikon Z fc.

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