Viltrox Patented a New Autofocus FF 28mm Pancake Lens

The patent application of the new pancale autofocus lens of Viltrox has been exposed. The patent authorization number is CN308440949S, the authorization date is January 26, 2024. The patent of the optical structure diagram of the lens has also been authorized and disclosed. It is expected to be a lightweight pancake autofocus lens.

Background of the development of this lens: In recent years, due to the impact of mobile phone photography, people's willingness to carry large and heavy camera lenses when traveling has gradually decreased, and the photography market has been impacted. Lightweight, small and ultra-thin wide-angle lenses have become the trend of camera lens products. Wide-angle lenses are suitable for daily hanging street and landscape photography. Because it has a large field of view and a large depth of field, it can take photos with a large field of view and a clear overall picture at a short distance, and can obtain a sufficiently large picture in daily architectural photography and landscape photography.

The new Viltrox 28mm pancake lens provides an ultra-thin wide-angle lens, which is small and light. It is the same size as the lens cover when hung on the camera, and the distortion is well controlled in a small volume, and it also has autofocus function.

There is no aperture data for this lens yet, contact us to get more information about this lens.

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