Zhiyun Releases New Crane M2S, What's the Differences Between M2, M3 and M2 S?

The Zhiyun Crane M2 S is a small and portable gimbal with only 549g net weight, as large as a bottle, it also has the portability of the Crane M2 and the tech from the Crane M3. But what is the differences between Zhiyun Crane M2, M3 and the new M2 S? Let's find it out.

M2 M2 S M3
Release Date 2019 2022 2021



$269  $269  369



240*68*150 (folded) 280.37*74.88*157.06
Load limit Representative

Canon M50+

15-45mm f/3.5-6.3

Sony A7S3+

small lenses

Sony A7S3+

24-70F4 Zeiss

Net Weight 500g 549g 700g
Weight of Quick Release Plate / 38.3g /
Storage Method Full storage of card pins Full storage of locks Half and full storage
Disassembly Structure Quick release Quick release 4.0+
special quick release plate
Quick release 4.0+
special quick release plate
Lock Pan axis lock Three-axis, two-stage gapless lock Three-axis, two-stage gapless lock
Tilt axis range 310° 320° 309°
Roll axis  range 324° 320° 333°
Pan axis range 360° 360° 360°
Battery Capacity 1100mAh 1150mAh 1150mAh
Battery Life 7h 10h35min 8h
Charging time 2h 1h41min 2h
Language English English English+Chinese
Fill Light / Built-in monochrome (5500k) temperature fill light Built-in dual color temperature fill light
Follow Mode


Vertical clapper



Vertical clapper

Featured Buttons WT Zoom light control lever Light control pulsator
Camera Control Bluetooth+wifi Type-C interface wired connection Switch release protocol + wireless Bluetooth (follow-up)
Somatosensory Control × ×


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You can check more details of this new Zhiyun gimbal here.

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