New Zhiyun Gimbal -- WEEBILL-2, What's the Upgrades?

Zhiyun Weebill 2, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer, 2021 New Version is In Stock for Sale Now.

Zhiyun-Tech recently released the latest gimbal at 1st Jul, the Zhiyun WEEBILL-2, which is a brand-new form of its WEEBILL series products. It's also the third generation of the WEEBILL series.

From the official publicity, it adopts a new chip and stable algorithm, and uses a 2.88-inch touch color screen. Does it has more innovations? And what changes does WEEBILL 2 have compared to the previous generation of WEEBILL-S? What upgrades have been made and is it worth buying? (The WEEBILL S is $200 Off at Pergear.)

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  •  Upgradation 1 -- Product Size

First of all, the size of WEEBILL 2 is much larger than WEEBILL S (the right side of the picture below is Zhiyun WEEBILL 2). WEEBILL-S, which is known for its lightness, does achieve a good compactness and light weight. But as for the performance on WEEBILL 2, there are more upgrades. The second-generation motor and load are improved, and the stability and follow-up are greatly optimized. This time, they also used Infineon's sensor chip, which is also considered a powerful combination and more stable guaranteed. This is also the main reason why WEEBILL 2 does not keep its small size and light weight.Zhiyun New Gimbal -- Weebill 2

Product Size (Zhiyun Weebill 2):

 319*225*62 (W*D*H)
 1.47KG(Battery included)

  •  Upgradation 2 -- Flip-out LCD Screen

The biggest upgrade in design is the change of the screen. The screen of WEEBILL 2 is larger than Weebill S. The added 2.88-inch touch screen of WEEBILL 2 is designed to be flipped and folded in order to save space (similar to the design concept of DV in the early years).

The advantage of such a large screen is that almost all menus can be transplanted, and operations can be implemented on one screen, and also with more function expansion, WEEBILL 2 with the scale image transmission transmitter AI can support the screen synchronization of wired image transmission. For some cameras that do not have a flip screen, the WEEBILL 2 flip screen can make up for that issue.
People recognition and tracking are also added this time. Relying on the display and algorithm of the image transmission screen to recognize human faces, it can achieve tracking and shooting. This is currently not possible in WEEBILL-S expansion.

The above two points are the biggest difference of WEEBILL 2 at present: the upgradation of performance, with the interactive screen. In addition, WEEBILL 2 incorporates new scale image transmission accessories this time.

The scale image transmission transmitter AI mentioned above can be said to be almost customized for new products. The latest image transmission and one-click tracking functions can be used. Zhiyun also released the Zhiyun cloud map integrated transmitter VC100, which is a new three-in-one product that can monitor the picture and wirelessly control the camera and stabilizer. When somebody is shooting, others can watch the screen and control it, realize multi-person collaboration.

Although it has been changed to a built-in battery, the built-in capacity has also been increased to three 18650 lithium batteries, and the battery life is guaranteed. The handle of the kettle follows the old one-piece kettle design, and low-angle shooting can be achieved without switching. The handle of the kettle can be equipped with optional accessories; the lock is optimized for a gapless lock, which further ensures the stability of storage and specific changes. As a new product iteration, WEEBILL 2 has many upgrades, and it does have dazzling features. The price of the standard version may be $549. It is suitable for individual creators to use and shoot.

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