Brand New Deity D4 Mini Review -- 2021 NEW Version

New Arrival: Deity Pocket Wireless, 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System

The V-Mic D4 Mini is a great affordable miniature microphone that allows the camera user to creature directional audio and reject sounds coming from off camera. The brand new V-Mic D4 Mini utilize a new offset shock-mount that makes it ideal for working with wide angle vlogging cameras or action cameras. The side mounted output jack makes it an ideal microphone for the hybrid DSLR shooter who still wants to use their eye piece for taking photos. The D4 Mini also features an input jack that allows you to split your audio tracks and insert a secondary audio source like from a wireless microphone without the need of a splitter cable.

Obviously, the D4 mini is Deity's answer to Rode video mic. They're small and do not need batteries. It's the perfect form of mics for vlogging. But what the D4 mini has is, the input jack, which means you can record 2 subjects at the same time. And it's also smaller, lighter and records a little cleaner!

Highlights of Deity D4 mini

1) Extra Audio Tracks: The microphone features a unique input jack that allows you to insert a secondary audio source to the left channel of your camera. This allows the operator to capture the
scene’s natural audio but also a wireless microphone of someone talking to camera. Great for videographers, wedding shooters or online content creators.

2) Wind Reduction: The faux fur windshield can provide wind protection up to 20mph making this microphone ready for the rough elements.

3) Medium Diaphragm: While other microphones in the micro shotgun division feature capsules as small as 6mm, our V-Mic D4 DUO features our 4th generation 14mm medium diaphragm capsule. The same capsule found in the rest of our D4 series of video microphones.

Price: US$49.95

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