Godox AD1200 Pro – Most Powerful Strobe

Godox AD1200 Pro – Most Powerful Strobe

Godox has made a good name for themselves over a few years via releasing many excellent products. In 2020, Godox will release a powerful strobe system called Godox AD1200 pro 1200Ws TTL Power Pack Kit. It boasts 1200 watt of power. It is compatible with many cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, and Pentax.

Here are a couple of interesting points:


True 1200ws flash head dedicated output

Three active Modes: Manual, TTL, and Multiflash

High-Speed Sync and Custom Function for Masking, Delay and Sequence

1200ws head has 12 feet of non-tangle cable

The brilliant COB LED modeling lamp provides a clear preview of the lighting

Lightweight pack and head go anywhere at less than 13 pounds

The rechargeable lithium battery pack or AC powered

Bowen's mount compatibility for hundreds of modifiers

Flashpoint R2 wireless control for Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic. Olympus, and Pentax TTL camera systems

Fan cooled head and pack keeps it going under the gun

AD1200Pro is good for all photographers who can use it freely outdoors or in the studio. The AD1200 Pro is so powerful that it can overpower the sun without breaking bank, which makes you have a good photography trip. In addition to these, the equipment has precise control and stable output. It allows you to adjust the power setting within 0.1 stop increment from 1/256 to full power, offering more space on creation. Also, you can deliver professional, nature and pristine results in any application and save you money and post-production when using this equipment and save you money and post-production time. With two 3.5mm sync jacks, a 1200Ws strobe can remain the sysnc speed without delay.


What’s in the box

AD1200Pro TTL Power Pack x 1

Flash Head x 1

Lithium Battery x 1

Battery Charger x 1

Power Cable x 1

Reflector x 1

Glass Lamp Cover x 1

Rolling Case x 1

Carrying Case x 1

Instruction Manual x 1

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