Hollyland Lark 150 Review

Hollyland is best known for making its video wireless transmission and released many high-quality devices such as Hollyland Mars 400s. But now hollyland wants to enter the wireless audio transmission system market and launched a microphone called Hollyland Lark 150.


Size Comparison

Hollyland Lark 150 Review

Compared with Rode wireless microphone, it is found that it may have the same thickness but it May 20% or 25% smaller in terms of actual size. It means that it is so portable and convivence to take it around.


What includes in the box?

Hollyland Lark 150.

It is new to the market. When you open the box, you will find many accessories which will good for this brand-new microphone. A Charging Case, two transmitters, one receiver, two furry windshields, one 3.5mm TRS Cable which can go into your camera, one USB type-a to type-c cable, two Lavalier microphones, and one-use guide.


All features:

  1. 5ms Latency with up to 100m Range
  2. 2 TX & 1 RX Combo
  3. 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission with Clear Sound Under Any Conditions
  4. Mini Size with Lightweight
  5. Professional-Grade Sound Quality
  6. Built-In Lithium Batteries, with an Ultra Long Run Time
  7. 21-Stage Digital Gain Adjustment
  8. Contact Charging Case
  9. Built-in Mic and Lav Mic Switching Automatically
  10. Multiple Systems Using in One Location

The LARK 150 is equipped with DSP(Digital Signal Processor), which can make audio transmission less nose via filtering low-frequency environmental noises. But importantly, it can also reduce the post-stage noise cancellation processing and enhances the efficiency of content output.

 Hollyland Lark 150.

For its transmitter, it is designed with anti-vibration and noise cancellation as well as smart frequency selection with FHSS technology aimed for a crisp, clear signal. If you use this microphone, you can send a strong signal with less than 5 ms latency from the receiver. Apart from these features, it features mono mode, safety track mode, and stereo mode for various setups.


The LARK 150 is $329.

The LARK 150 is the first audio product from Hollyland and it is a high-quality and economical device. If you want to try good audio and have no enough budget, this one is your perfect choice.


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