KanDao Meeting Pro Review

Now, we continue to work from home, so it is important to shop for a great webcam.
A functional webcam can make you have a meeting with your colleagues. Today, I picked the best webcam is KanDao Meeting Pro.


KanDao Meeting Pro Use Meeting

Provides multiple scenes;

Portable use and carry;
° meeting;
Support various conference system


Too expensive, A little slower in recognizing people


KanDao Meeting Pro is a creative webcam. It has a 360° camera in dual-lens for the whole room without blind spots, and also offers many scenes. It can support different video conference software.
This device is too expensive, but it can provide consumers a high resolution (1080P, 720P HD) and a pleasant experience. So that is why I pick this great webcam. To run an efficient meeting and Keep you and your employees engaged, the KanDao Meeting Pro is your best option.

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In 2021, we still stay at home for working because the virus is still serious. Sometimes, we still have a meeting to set up our project and make our work smooth and efficient. So, KanDao Meeting Pro is a good solution.   

Here are some customer’s reviews after using this cool device:

Good Tool for Meeting

When you jump into the details of this product, the first question you need to know that this device is good for meeting due to provide so many scenes when having a meeting. But if you want to have a video call with your family members, I think it is a little expensive and I recommend you to choose the OBSBOT Tiny AI-Powered PTZ Webcam, which is great for family video call.


No Need for External Operation System

This device can be used as an independent video conferencing terminal. The external computer is no longer needed. The conference can be easily started by connecting to a screen by HDMI.

Powerful and Convenient

Having a built-in Android system with the perfect user interface, the video conferencing software can be installed and updated on Kandao Meeting Pro.

360° Meeting Without Blind Spot

Detailed image processing with 360° image capture, seamless optical flow stitching, noise reduction, wide dynamic range, exposure compensation, and automatic white balance.

Upgraded Omni-directional Audio System

8 microphones are improved to achieve the finest audio quality, which covers a range of 5.5 meters radius. Collect sound with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression.

Unique Hi-Fi Speaker

Output louder, sound cleaner, and more focus

Meeting AI Intelligent Recognition 2.0

Apply the sophisticated algorithm to achieve efficient and accurate localization and tracking.

Optimize localization algorithm with 15-degree ultimate recognition for precise focus, and smart tracking.

Super Compatibility for More Possibilities

Support both 1080p and 720p output, while providing H.264 and MJPEG ad encoding formats. Users can switch flexibly when using different video conferencing platforms.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Easy to turn on and off, switch software and mode, and other functions.

Support Major Video Conferencing Systems

Most of the common conferencing software is supported and can be installed and switched easily. 

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