Laofas 35″ Softbox Review

This review is from Lensvid. Today we are taking a look at a 35″ parabolic softbox. This softbox is part of a series called Loafas, which also includes two other sizes – the smaller 27″ and the larger 47” softboxes.

  • Softbox build and design

The LAOFAS 35″ is a 16-sided Parabolic softbox that is 89cm across and 66cm (26”) deep. It is fairly lightweight at just over 1.5kg/3.5lbs but feels relatively sturdy. Our unit has a Bowens mount; we are not sure if this specific model comes in any other mounts as well.

Like several other softboxes we’ve tried, we find that closing the back flaps to prevent light spill is not always easy, and for some reason, it always feels as if the fabric is just a tiny bit too short. One other feature that we would like to see is a side zipper (similar to the small Godox softbox that we recently looked at with the ML60 COB).

  • What comes in the box?

In the box, besides the softbox, we got one internal and two external diffuser fabrics, as well as a honeycomb grid and a nice carrying case. Getting a free grid with the softbox is always a bonus, especially with larger softboxes. It was nice to see that it comes with the unit.

  • How quick is it to open and close?

It was fairly quick and easy to open the softbox, and at this size, it doesn’t require a lot of force like larger softboxes. Closing the softbox involves pulling up on the rod and releasing the metal locks. You can also just release the lock, but it requires more force.

  • Using the softbox

With the Godox SZ150R (review coming soon) at 1m away we got a light reduction of about 1/2 when going from the center of the softbox to the edges. Using the thicker outer fabric reduces the amount of light by about 1 stop compared to the lighter fabric.

One thing that we noticed is that the Bowens mount on this LAOFAS 35” softbox is deeper than some of the other brands that we have, like our Cheetah 42″ Quick SoupBowl. This is important since with some lights, having a low-profile mount means more light output.

For a mid-size softbox, the Laofas gives a nice soft shadow. You can see a comparison between it and the 42” Cheetah softbox (in the video above).

Other than that, the softbox functioned well and it was relatively easy to connect and remove from the light, which we can’t really say about some larger softboxes.

  • Soft colors anybody?

  • Conclusion

The LAOFAS 35″ is a very nice all-around mid-size softbox. It is very portable, light, and well-constructed. We liked that it came with an extra layer of diffusion and a grid and that it opens and closes fairly easily.

It would be nice if the flaps on the back part of the softbox were bigger, or even a zipper to put your hand through for handling, as well as an option for a low-profile Bowens mount.

  • Price

The Laofas 35'' softbox only costs $149

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