TTArtisan 90mm f1.25 Rangefinder Lens Review

The TTArtisan 90mm f1.25 lens has been released for about two weeks. As a lens focusing on portrait, I believe that people will be more concerned about the performance and using experience of this lens in shooting portraits.

After twice portrait shooting experiences, I have removed my TTArtisan 50mm from my camera bag, and the 90mm has become the main lens for my portrait shooting.

The first shooting was in the botanical garden, where there are greenery everywhere, diverse vegetation, and many tourists. The 90mm can avoid the debris in the shooting environment, and it is easier to get a clean picture, and the filming rate is relatively high. Small patches of trees and water waves can all be fine backgrounds. At the same time, combined with a large aperture of 1.25, a dreamy background is instantly presented.

The second shot was taken in a bay. The night fell, the lights on the background bridge were lit up, sparkling waves, and there were brilliant spots under the backlight. What's surprising is that the spots are soft and round in shape, without sharp ends. 

This night scene shooting did not have extra light accessories, it's all natural. Fortunately, there is a large aperture to ensure a safe shutter and a lower sensitivity to ensure the quality of the film. After the shooting, I played it back on the computer. The original film was very pure, and the details in the zoomed-in focus were rich, clear and sharp. In order to create a sense of film, I deliberately added noise to some photos to enhance the atmosphere.


 Focal length

  90mm  Maximum Aperture  F1.25

Closest Focusing Distance

1m  Minimum aperture  F16


  Full Frame  Diaphragm Blades  10pcs

Filter size

  77mm  Optical Design  11 Elements in 7 Groups

 Angle of view

  27°  Focus method  Manual


  ≈1013g  Lens Type For mirrorless camera


Sample Pictures

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