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The Viltrox 23mm/33mm/56mm T1.5 Cine Lens for Sony E-mount was released at 23th July. The three cinema lens sizes, lens diameters, focus ring, and aperture ring positions are all kept the same. It is ensured that when using the same series of cine lenses, all accessory parameters do not need to be re-adjusted, and the camera stabilizer does not require large balance adjustments.

The three lenses are with high image quality, large aperture, and excellent distortion control, help movie and video vlog creators to complete high-quality video works.
Controlling breathing effect: The breathing effect is one of the biggest perplexes in video creation. Viltrox 23mm 33mm and 56mm T1.5 use a new structural design on these brand new cinema lenses to control the breathing effect to an imperceptible level.

Follow focus gear

The 3 Viltrox cine lenses suitable for fine shooting of various types of follow focus devices. The gear-shaped focus ring edge can be combined with the follow focus device to quickly follow focus during film and video shooting, so that the picture maintains consistent stability and reduces the creation of continuous video images. The smooth manual focus, more silky aperture, uniform focus stroke, also solves the frustration of many ordinary lens focus adjustments.

Large aperture for more glamour blur


Soft and natural out-of-focus blur. The large aperture of T1.5 can shoot charming background blur effects, even in low light and indoor shooting can also shoot high-level works. The effective configuration of high-refractive lenses and ED low-dispersion lenses can greatly correct off-axis aberrations and various chromatic aberrations, allowing the picture to maintain high-definition picture quality from the center to the edge. The three new released cine lenses cover wide-angle to telephoto focal lengths, and are suitable for shooting scenes such as portraits, landscapes, still lifes, night scenes, and architecture. Good distortion suppression reduces the user's complicated post-processing time.

Adopting internal focusing optical structure, equipped with ED lens and high refraction lens; adopting high-definition nano multilayer coating, front lens waterproof and anti-fouling coating, effectively suppressing ghost and flare, waterproof and anti-fouling.


The Viltrox cine lens uses all-metal materials that are stronger than ordinary lenses to ensure that the daily shots will not damage the internal optical components. The lens is about 500g to 540g exquisite and compact, and has not been castrated at all in terms of performance while reducing weight. To help photographers put the focus and physical energy into creation.
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