19 Tips You May Not Know When Using Godox AD300 Pro

Once released, the Godox AD300 Pro brought a big surprise to the photographer’s community. Many photographers have positive comments about this brand-new device. But for some newcomers, they may have no idea how to operate this equipment properly. The following is a guide information and hope it is useful for all.    

             How to Use Godox AD300 Pro                                    

  1. After power on, press the “wireless button”;
  2. To turn on the built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system;
  3. Long-press the “wireless button” to turn on High-Speed Sync;
  4. Press the “GR/CH” button to set the group(A-E);
  5. Long-press “GR/CH” button for 2 seconds and roll the wheel to set the channel(1-32);
  6. Then press the wheel(set) to confirm the setting;
  7. Press the “FN” button, select F7, set the ID(0-99) to avoid duplicated channel interference;
  8. Press the “testing button” to test; then press the “mode button”;
  9. TTL, manual and multi-flash will display on the screen in sequence;
  10. Roll the wheel to set the parameters such as output power, flash, times, and HZ;
  11. Press the wheel(set) again to confirm the setting, the color temperature of the modeling light can be adjusted;
  12. Press the “modeling light” button to turn on the modeling light;
  13. Long-Press “modeling light” button to enter the setting interference;
  14. Roll the wheel to adjust the brightness of modeling light;
  15. Then press the wheel, the number of color temperature on the screen will be flicker;
  16. Roll the wheel to adjust the color temperature (3000k*6000k);
  17. Press any button to confirm the setting;
  18. Mount the trigger on the camera hot shoe;
  19. Set the channel, ID, and group the same as AD300 pro’s and get started;


For more information, you can also check this video tutorial



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