4 Interesting Ways to Use Gimbals

These days, gimbals are very popular and having a gimbal will make your videos and films more attractive. But few people know how to capture the beautiful moment with gimbals and some creative shots. So, if you are a new person to shooting with gimbals or you have much more interest in learning gimbal tricks, a few important and useful tips will teach you how to use gimbal well and shoot pretty videos in your next time.

Trick #1: Good Camera Tilt

If you begin to shoot from the ground and want to tilt your camera up. It is suggested that you need to adjust the handle to make sure that it sets more to the front while the other one sits more to the back. You don’t need to pull or push that much in a certain situation to tilt the camera. 

Trick #2: Fake a Jib Shot

If you want to get a good” jib shot”, you need some tricks and lift your gimbal up over your head. But some creative ways can be created. I have seen a person who lowered the gimbal down and then after the stabilizer reaches the ground, another person got the gimbal and continued to shot. It is so nice and amazing. 

Trick #3: Steadicam-Style Tracking Shot

This trick is so special and often used in many videos and films. Many shooters will use this trick to get some amazing moments. But how can we do that? You only use the stabilizer to follow your subject around to get tracking shots.

Trick#4: Steady Still Shots 

Sometimes we need some steady shots, and then we need a standard tripod to get this shot. But now the gimbal also can satisfy your needs. If you notice a little bit of movement in your shot, you can apply a warp stabilizer.

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