6 Tips & Ideas for DIY Christmas Holiday Family Photos 2019

The end of the year is quickly approaching and it’s time to plan your family photos. If you’re panicking that it’s nearly Christmas and you are behind on getting your cards together, these holiday family photo tips & ideas are for you! Scroll down to be inspired.

Choose a color scheme.

To start, look around your home decide complimentary tones to your furniture, décor and overall home style. Of course, the goal with capturing photos is to frame and display them, and you’re more likely to if the photos complement the space it will be displayed in.


Coordinate everyone’s outfits.

Try to not wear the exact same outfits, but you want to look cohesive. Feel free to think about a cohesive color palette and be very mindful to avoid mixing warm and cool tones together. For example, if mom is wearing a red dress, then dad can wear a suit with a red tie.


Shoot at the right time if you shoot outside.

Family pictures can look completely professional with the right lighting, so want the light to be just right. Go at 1 or 2 p.m., when the light is nice, or at the Golden Hour, which is about an hour before sunset, when the light is really warm and dewy.

Do something active together.

Forgoing the normal, staged, look-at-the-camera shots and in favor of doing an activity like baking cookies, picking out a tree, lighting the menorah, or decorating the house. You can also take things outside and take some fun and active snowy pictures of your family building a snowman or going ice skating.

@Caitlin Houston

Show your personality.

You shouldn't keep things super formal if that isn't your family's personality. If your family is on the quirkier side, consider some fun Christmas sweaters or even silly reindeer antlers to showcase that personality in the photo.

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Include the family pet.

Don’t forget to include your pets into your family Christmas photos! Family pets help break the ice for camera-shy family members, and lead to more genuine moments in your holiday photos. Just remember to bring the pup treats.

@Joolie Moore Photography

Hope these tips and ideas will help you to shoot some of the most amazing family pictures this year. Share with us your creative family photo ideas and tell us what your biggest challenge is when it comes to taking the annual holiday photo. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season. With lots of love from Pergear. 




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