Comica Traxshot Review

 Audio specialist Comica has released a new microphone - Comica Traxshot.

Firstly, it makes sure that you must have many microphones such as Comica CVM-VM20, Hollyland Lark 150, etc. These are great and perfect for vlogging and video. The Comica Traxshot, as a cardioid transformable all-in-one shotgun microphone, worth trying and may become your first multi-purpose for the microphone. (good for DSL, mirrorless cameras, and smartphones).

Comica Traxshot Review

Main Features

All-in-one shotgun microphone

Four modes: Mono, Two-level Stereo (30°/90° stereo), Bi-directional Pattern

Air-float shock-absorption design

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Frequency Range: 20~20kHz

Output impedance: 600Ω

Max SPL: >100dB

Sensitivity: -40~ -20dB

S/N: 60dB

Good for cameras, computers, and smartphones

Build Quality

Comica Traxshot Review

This comica traxshot is high-quality and well-made. When you hold this microphone, it feels so solid and smooth. It weighs 130g and it has dimensions of 12.2 x 6.5 x 6.2 cm. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Four Modes

Comica Traxshot Review

Comica Traxshot has four different modes, including mono mode, 30° Stereo Mode, 90° X/Y Stereo Mode, Bi-Directional Mode. All these modes are good design because you can customize your needs by controlling these modes. If you open the microphone up, the microphone becomes the stereo microphone and if you flip it around, it is a bi-directional microphone.


Comica states that this microphone has up to 20 hours in standby time. Once you get the microphone full charge, you will use it all day. It is cool. The kit comes with a Charging Cable and you can charge the device with the USB-c port and it will take around 3 hours to fully charged the microphone.


Tech Parameters

Polar Pattern

Super Cardioid

Frequency Range


Output impedance






-40~ -20dB









Audio Quality

For the audio quality, you can watch iPhoneographers’ video on 3:05


What is in the box


3.5mm TRS-TRS Audio Cable

3.5mm TRS-TRRS Audio Cable

Charging Cable



User Manual

Warranty Card


The Comica Traxshot is of high quality and easy to use. For most users, this microphone is affordable and has a decent price compared to other expensive RODE VideoMic NTG. This microphone is a stereo mic, which is cool. If you are a filmmaker or want to record a concert or do sound design or sound effect and you want a sound effect like a movie, this microphone is your best option in terms of price and features. Another bright spot is its headphone jack. You can charge your microphone or upgrade the firmware. On its top, it has a dia button to adjust the input gain. Comica Traxshot is $179USD and it brings you a different experience.

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From video demonstrations it appears this mic could use separate sensitivity/gain input adjustments for each mic. If one is pointed to the camera operator and the other is pointed to the video subject, the camera operator is louder on the playback recording

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