Best Fisheye Lens for Canon Cameras in 2021


Fisheye lens, as a wide-angle lens, can offer you strong distortion effects and special views. If you use the fisheye lens, you can also get a fun and amazing image. But if you know the fisheye lens firstly, you may have no idea that this lens is not the same as the camera lens we often use. But in some situations, it is very useful and important.


Now we put together some fisheye lens for canon users and they are decent lenses and you don’t need to break the bank to buy them. At the same time, they are affordable and high quality, along with lightweight and good-looking.


Before looking at these lenses, we need to know some information and difference of fisheye lens, ensuring that we can buy the perfect fisheye lenses.


What is the fisheye lens?

Best Fisheye Lens for Canon Cameras in 2021

I got some information from Wikipedia. (A fisheye lens is an ultra-wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. Fisheye lenses achieve extremely wide angles of view).


For example, you may find a peephole on some apartments or buildings. The peephole has the same distorting effect as the fisheye lens does. The fisheye will offer people wide of view via distorting images and curving them. The wordfisheye lens was introduced in 1906 by American physicist and inventor Robert W. Wood. The fisheye lens first appeared for mass photographers in the early 1960s.


Fisheye Lens vs Normal Lens

I think that fisheye lenses may not be used often for some photographers, compared to other regular lenses. Not everybody is a big fan of extreme amounts of distortion the fisheye lens produces, even though it is sometimes useful somewhere. For some photographers, especially the landscape photographer, these fisheye lenses cannot offer them well and nice landscape photographer.


Fisheye Lens Effect

Before buying a perfect fisheye lens for canon, you need to know the type and effect of the fisheye lens. One is the circular fisheye lens and the other is the diagonal fisheye lens.

A circular fisheye lens produces a circular and small image within its frame and can offer a 180-degree angle of view in all directions. (such as horizontally, vertically, and diagonally).

While a diagonal fisheye creates a large enough image that completely covers the frame, but it has a 180-degree angle of view only on the diagonals.


Perfect for astrophotography-some people want to get the entire view of the night sky. The fisheye lens is a perfect choice. Used for artistic effects. You can shoot more stars than the norm lens. Besides, it also can distort the sky and horizon to get a beautiful effect.

Best Fisheye Lens for Canon Cameras in 2021


Good Photos from great heights -If you like taking skyscrapers in cities, the fisheye lens is also your good choice.

 Best Fisheye Lens for Canon Cameras in 2021

Change the Curvature of the Earth - Using a fisheye lens often creates a special and stunning image. For example, if you put the horizon in the frame, it will perfectly good images.


Best Tips for Shooting with Fisheye Lens

Manual Exposure

It is known that fisheye has an extreme field of view, so sometimes you will find that camera’s TTL meter could be confused. If you want to take the picture more accurately and you need to adjust the exposure manually and then take pictures.


Find round things:

Want to take some dramatic images? The round thing is a big part. You can change the angle of the camera until you got the right perspective. You can set the self-timer on the camera or put the camera on the ground


Fantastic fisheye photos

Now we have collected some amazing fisheye photos and you can check them and be inspired by them.


Best Fisheye Lens for Canon Cameras in 2021


But if you are a beginner photographer or want to capture stunning photos, you may try a few fisheye lenses. It not only encourages you to create many amazing images but also brings some new experience you never have before. If you are an experienced photographer, I do believe that you need a fisheye lens in that you can create a stunning and different image.


If you may have a tight budget and you don’t need to buy an expensive lens. On our website, we offer you affordable fisheye lenses and help you to achieve your dream.


Besides, there are not enough lenses that work perfectly with Canon Cameras. So, I choose the two best lenses for Canon. You can check them on our website.


Here are the best Canon fisheye lenses options available


PERGEAR 7.5mm F2.8 fisheye

 Best Fisheye Lens for Canon Cameras in 2021

Mount: Canon EOS-M mount

Type: 7.5mm F2.8 fisheye

Elements/groups: 9 elements in 8 groups

Focus: Autofocus

Max. aperture: F2.8

Min. aperture: F22

Weight: Approx. 320g

Price: $129

This lens works perfectly with Canon EOS-M and is also good for Sony E mount, Fuji, M4/3, and Nikon Z mount.

Pergear is little known to many photographers because it is a new brand. But you must use and heard pergear 25mm F1.8. Like other lenses it released in the market, the pergear 7.5mm F2.8 EOS fisheye lens is also popular. For its build quality, it is made of high-quality material. It feels so good and nice when holding it in your hand. With its groove design, the lens’s aperture ring is so practical and feels so nice when moving. But it is a click-free design. Some photographers may compare this lens to another lens such as the 7artisan lens and find that they have many similarities. pergear 7.5mm F2.8 is so different. This lens’s aperture ring and internals have been changed.


Weighing 320g, it is so lightweight when you mount it on your camera. Additionally, this fisheye lens has a good focusing grip which not only makes it much easier to focus but differentiates from the aperture ring itself. When it comes to its wide-open aperture, it is so sharp in the image at F2.8. This fisheye lens is suitable for entry-level people and manual photographers or casual fisheye lens photographers. It is worth having it.


7artisans 7.5mm F2.8 Fisheye Lens

 Best Fisheye Lens for Canon Cameras in 2021

Mount: Canon EF-M

Type: 7.5mm F2.8 fisheye

Elements/groups: 11 Elements in 8 Groups;

Focus: Manual Focus;

Max. aperture: F2.8;

Min. aperture: F22

Weight: Approx. 278 g

Price: $139


7artisans 7.5mm F2.8 Lens is perfect for Canon as well as Sony, Olympus, Fuji.

7artisans has been long known for a long time and it produces many cost-effective and high-quality lenses. When the new lens is released, it can take the market by storm. Now, let’s have a look at its 7artisans Fisheye Lens. As a fully manual focus lens, this lens is perfect. If you usually use auto-focus hobbyists, you can also try it. It brings you a brand-new feeling.

 This ultra-wide-angle lens can produce an interesting distortion in your images (180-degree angle of view), which means that it is a good option for street photography, astrophotography, and real estate. Some photos are quite sharp with this lens. Interestingly, you can use this lens for vlogging, and keep in mind that you need infinity focus to ensure that everything around you is in focus. With its aperture range from F2.8-22, it enables you to shoot a subject just a quarter-inch, around 0.12m. Besides, it has a multi-layer coating, which can reduce the flare and ghosting for contrast and color accuracy when you using this lens.


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