How to increase your money as a photographer

Some people are getting into photography because of their hobbies, but some of them are for making money to take care of their families. If you have a strong desire to make more money as a photographer, make sure you are a professional photographer firstly or are familiar with photography tips and techniques. Now, here are five easy ways to earn extra income.


Create a Personal Blog with WordPress

Writing blogs is worthwhile to maximize your income. Before starting blogging, you need to learn how to create a successful photography blog. Firstly, you need to define your targeted audience. You may think to yourself “photo hobbyists”. Right, but we need to narrow down options. Let me take food photography for example. If you often take appetizing food photos, your targeted audience may include people who like food or taking food images. You need to share food photography tips and some great photos on your website. Secondly, you need to know how to use good content to attract and retain your readers or customers. I share my blogging ideas with you. My blog is divided into three parts, with one of three used for reviewing cameras and lenses, one for your contact information, and the rest for writing some guides and tips. Why?

Cameras and Lenses Review. Reviewing cameras and lenses can improve your site’s conversion rates and convert your blog readers into paying customers. You can add the amazon affiliate link and highlight it in your content after completing an article. You can get a commission once a person buys a product from your link. Pergear, this website offers a 10% commission on each sale. You can try it;

How To. This part aims to provide some tips on how to take photos and use cameras. These articles can retain your readers and reduce your blog’s bounce rate and increase your income. For example, a person has no clue how to use a camera and take some good pictures. He Googles this question and gets an answer he needs on your website. He may love your website and is willing to share your blog with his other friends and finally becomes a paying customer;

Introduce to Your Business. Introduce yourself on the website and post your pictures on this site. Importantly, leave your contact information. People will contact you when they want photography service;

However, how do we make our website stand out and get noticed for a new website? You need a marketing promotion strategy. You can share your website or articles on social media or third-party websites (like medium, Quora), some cameras communities (such as DPReview), and so forth.

Teaching Online Photography Class

The Internet not only changes our life but also our ways of learning. Many platforms offer online classes and courses to make our learning easier and cost-effective. Creating an online course and class is a potential chance to expand your reach and earn money;

  1. Choose a Topic; Just like creating a blog website, you also still understand what your audiences or clients are looking for. Do you want to teach your students some photography basics? Or are you willing to share your knowledge and experience on image editing? If you have no idea, you need to get answers from camera communities (like fstoppers) or Quora;
  2. Having a Test; After choosing one topic. Then you need to have a test to see whether your customers like your course or not. Figure out what information you want and make a straightforward questionnaire. Then set up your Facebook ads and run it;
  3. Filming, Recording, and Editing your Online Course; You can record your video classes. The 15-30-Minute class will be great.
  4. The price of Your Course; In general, the class’s price depends on how much helpful information you deliver. You can get some tips on how to make pricing strategy from another website;
  5. Online Course Promotion; Everything is ready, all we need is an east wind. The east wind is to market your online course. You can share your online classes on some camera communities or find some influencers to help promote your courses. You can also make an advertisement for your online course to increase your customer base.
  1. Sell your photos online

Selling your stock photos is also a great way to make extra cash. A few things we need to learn before selling images. a. Knowing what type of images are popular in the market. People, food, nature, and travel photography are the most images many people buy; b. Finding the best places to sell photos online for you. If you have your website, setting prices and displaying photos are controlled totally by you. If you have not, you can find some websites. Such as Shutter lock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, 500px. These sites you may the most excited to try.

  1. Becoming a Wedding Photographer

Shooting weddings is an interesting and profitable assignment. a. As a wedding photographer, you need to have top-quality cameras and lenses. The more excellent cameras and lenses you have, the more high-quality images will be; b. Building a website and social media or a refined photo portfolio. People will need you to photograph their wedding when they see these incredible photos; c. Set up your pricing (for example, you can do some researches on pricing.); d. Online Marketing. Need to know some ways for promotion, such as SEO, Giveaway, Email Marketing.

  1. Getting a Freelance Job from Local Magazine or Newspaper

Working for yourself is everybody’s dream, and having a freelance job is a good option. Contact your local magazine and newspaper to get a job offer. Before starting your freelance job, you need to build a photography perfect portfolio to increase the chance of getting the job. Importantly, you need to show your experience and profession in this field. Once you get this job, you can submit your photos to this agency on a regular basis. In the future, this will become your full-time job.

Although there are many ways to make extra income, what is more important to take action. If you have other good ideas, please share your ideas in the comment below.

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