New Prime Lens-DULENS APO 85mm F2.0 Apochromatic lens

A Chinese lens manufacturer DULENS has introduced its DULENS APO 85mm F2.0 Apochromatic lens to the market. This prime lens surprises all photographers after being released. The DULENS APO 85mm F2.0 Apochromatic lens works perfectly with Canon EF, Nikon F camera systems. It is told that the lens has the same optical engineer who participated in making NiSi F3 & MAVO Primes. 

Key Features

7 elements in 6 groups of the asymmetric optical structure

Total distortion is less than 0.3% at full frame

Filter size:55mm

Focal length:85mm

Weight: 350g (0.77lb)

The total optical length is only 45mm

Manual focus

It is said that the lens is inspired by the Zeiss Sonnar series. It features a Ø46.5mm image circle and supports full-frame 60-80-million-pixel imaging system when your aperture is open wide.

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