Notice of New TTArtisan Products: 35mm F2 and 50mm F2 Full Frame Lens

TTArtisan has just revealed that they will officially release 2 new full-frame lens -- 35mm f2 and 50mm f2 manual focus portrait lenses. The TTArtisan 35mm f2 is only available for Leica-M mount cameras, and the TTArtisan 50mm f2 is available for Fuji, Sony, M4/3, Canon, Nikon cameras.

TTArtisan APO-M 35mm f2 ASPH

As an APO lens, TTArtisan 35mm f2 ASPH. has a well-desogned optical structure of 12 elements in 9 groups, including 3 ED lenses and 1 ASPH. lens.


TTArtisan 50mm F2 Full Frame

The bokeh at F2 makes you preceive more fun with photographt. The TTArtisan 50mm f2 full-frame lens weights only about 200g, which makes the lens easy to carry.


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