Pergear 10mm F8 Pancake Lens Arrives-$79.00

We have just released our latest lens - 10mm F8 manual focus pancake lens for Fuji, Sony, Nikon, M43 mount camera systems.

This small lens has 5 elements in 4 groups as well as a 3 extra-low dispersion. (it can improve contrast and color rendering dramatically in a variety of lighting conditions).

For its aperture, it has focus range of Approx. 30cm/0.98ft - ∞. When it comes to its size, it measures ø55mm x10mm and weighs Approx. 80g. Anodizing coloring design, which enhances the lens anti-corrosion, an-dirt functions, and its varnish not easy to removed.

The bright spot is its manual focus lever. After a short term learning, it’s very easy to focus what you want and feel the unique charm of the manual lens, and lets you more concentrate on the image itself.

Pergear 10mm F8 Pancake Lens is available to purchase through our pergear website $98. Included with the lens is a front lens cap, a rear lens cap and a lens bag.

Sample Pictures -- by Yuko Steel:


FUJI Mount:

Sony E-mount:

Nikon Z-Mount:

M4/3 Mount:

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Paul C

Paul C

How does it look on a micro 4/3 – can you post some photos to see what image qualities it has?

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