What we can shoot when we are stuck at home

Coronavirus is spreading across the globe rapidly; many people are forced to stay at home. During this time, we cannot go to take some sunbath in the park or meet our friends. But as an amateur or professional photographer, you can figure out some creative photography ideas while staying at home. Here are some tips to inform you of what you can photograph.

1. Delicious Food

Taking good food photography can improve your photography techniques. You can cook a good meal. You need to consider some colors of dishes, table that surround the main subject or put some various items around the dish, such as glass, herb. In addition to this, you need to find the right angle and you can shoot wherever the light is best or you can use Studio Strobe lights.

2.Your Family Members

Some people want to remember that perfect day with your family. Taking a great family portrait is the best way. You will spend a lot of time staying with your family members, so you can try out some ideas to shoot a good picture. You may also need some extra equipment, such as a tripod. Finally, you can print these pictures and put them on your phones.

3. Pets

Pet photography is a great way to record the best moment of your pets. But photographing pets is a little difficult and you need to make your pets comfortable in front of the camera and then take some high-quality photos. You need to use natural light and other equipment.

4. Houseplants

Houseplant Photography is another good idea. You can record houseplant’s growth with your cameras. You can put these pictures on your social media. It is recommended that you can move your plants near the window or the place where the sunlight is the best.

5. Collections

If you are a collector, you must have a large quality of collections, such as stamps, coins, books, etc. Photographing your collections may help you to find your valuable items and satisfy your needs. You will have a set of photos on your collections and then compile a collections list. It is worth of any items you have now.

6. Coffee

Coffee photos are eye-catching. You can shoot the coffee while staying at home. But please remember the proper light is key, which makes your photos more beautiful. If your cups are transparent and you can use speedlights, set them to a low power, so you can catch some bubbles and drops

7.Baby Photos

Recording your baby’s growing up is the best moment and you can photography a set of your baby photos. Your children will be excited while watching them. Sleeping baby is quite cute. So, you can take the shutter speed when your baby is sleeping. DSLRs are good for baby photography. You also can use some accessories to decorate your background, such as a towel. These items will add some colors to your images.

8. Romance in the Air

When you and your lovers stay at home, you need some inspiration for your couple's photos. It can give you a chance to connect with each other. At home, you can try a lot of poses. For example, you can look at each other or look at the camera or you can hug from behind.

9. Self Portraits

10. Daily life

Photographing your daily life is exciting. You can try to use your camera to capture your daily life, you may find some valuable things. For example, you can shoot the morning life: you can have a coffee while reading a newspaper. Beauty is in your everyday life.


There are so many ideas for taking photos when you are staying at home. I hope you have a good time.

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