An Affordable fisheye lens for Canon Users-Pergear 7.5mm F2.8

Fisheye is quite well-welcomed for outdoor photography and is used for shooting wide angles, especially 180 degrees. Now pergear has a good fisheye lens-pergear 7.5mm f2.8. Importantly, it only costs $115.

Firstly, the recommended retail price is only $115 on It is significantly cheaper than any fisheye lenses in the market. If you want to buy a lens which good for your cameras, such as canon eos-m, this fisheye lens is the best option.

Let’s start by introducing its build quality. Just like other pergear lenses they manufactured, it feels so solid and good quality. When controlling the focusing ring, it has a smooth and feels a bit solid. It has a click-free feature and you can find some ridges to it. Another thing is that the aperture ring seems to have a lot more drag than your focus. So the focus is smoother and easier to pull and turn versus your aperture. It seems to be a little bit more drag which requires you to move it or use a little bit of force to get the aperture that you want. There is a huge bubble of glass you can see. There are also a few coatings that can help alleviate some weird chromatic aberrations you may encounter as well as some flares.

 An Affordable fisheye lens for Canon Users-Pergear 7.5mm F2.8

Many photographers may focus more attention on its image quality. When you use the lens to shoot some images with canon camera, it shows that there is quite sharp in the center. When you stop down the f 2.8, you will get softer edges. But you can still see many details retained and no much distortion as well. But if you stop down to f5.6, there are still some details on edges. Everything gets sharper not only on its edges but across the entire frame. Its render color is well. When it comes to its close-up focusing is, as you expected, sharp and accurate. This lens is good for wide cityscape shots as the city lights come on and the sun goes down. If you want to travel with this lens, it is found that it is a fun and great option.

An Affordable fisheye lens for Canon Users-Pergear 7.5mm F2.8

It has an affordable price and nice image quality. Everyone needs to get one lens in their life and have fun with the fisheye lens. For those who are looking for a wide-angle fisheye lens on a budget, I think that it is a good option. You can also shoot something interesting with this lens, such as real estate. You can get fantastic images out of it. But when you begin to shoot this real estate, you need to stop down f5.6 and get great sharper shots than shooting this at f2.8.


Once you get this fisheye lens, you will find the lens handles nicely and focus smoothly. This lens will make you play distortion a bit fair but the line up the horizon well. You may get something closer to a decent ultra-wide shot as it stands. Maybe you have bought many similar lenses like this one, but this lens is worth looking out for.


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