AstrHori Real Time Light Meter Review

When shooting with a film camera, the biuld in light meter is a very important part. It can not only provide proper exposure for photographers, but also improve photo quality. However, if the light meter is broken, it will cause difficulties and inconvenience to the shooting work. Therefore, the existence of an external light meter can undoubtedly greatly increase the production rate of one's own film, the AstrHori is light meter a great choice for professional photographers.

The AstrHori AH-M1 light meter has a very capable and simple appearance. The small silver-white body makes it can coordinate with most of the body and even become a permanent accessory. It is very coordinated and beautiful.

The metering is very accurate and fast. It is easy to put on the hot shoe, but the disadvantage is that although the segment sense of the dial is very good, it is also a little bit loose and easy to rebound.

Orders from Pergear will comes with a type-c cable, you can use it to charge this light meter. The old light meters are basically installed with batteries, and it is more troublesome to remove and install the batteries every time. It takes about 30-40 minutes to fully charge on a single charge. It can continuously measure light for about 12 hours.

Orders from Pergear will comes with a wrench, the base can use the wrench to change the position, which can optimize the position for the old camera, and some old cameras may block the pulsator of the fuselage, which allows this light meter to compatible with more old cameras.

1. Press it about 1s to turn it on, and press and hold it for about 10s to turn it off.

2. The shutter and aperture can be switched by double-clicking the button, and then using the dial to change the parameter, and the corresponding another parameter will also change accordingly. The aperture can be from F 1 to F32, and the shutter can be from 30s to 1/8000s;

3. ISO adjustment is to swich by short press and then long press for 2s, it can be adjust from ISO 5 to ISO 6400;

4. Exposure compensation is to switch by short press and then long press for 5s. During this period, it will first judge that it is to switch to the ISO gear. In this case, continue to press and hold to switch to the exposure compensation gear, which can be from -3ev to +3ev. gear.

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