Hohem M6 Kit Review - Is It The Most Advanced Smartphone Gimbal on the Market?

The Hohem M6 gimbal weights 555 grams and maximum payload 400 grams' items. The phone clamp can really stretch to fit large phones like iPhone 14 pro. Increased maximum payload is also very welcomed for big and heavy phones.

And the battery life is up to 18h under ideal conditions, the using temperature is from -10 up to 45 degrees Celsius.You can get tracking and time lapse motion in any app, this is a very huge step up from all other smartphone gimbals on the market right now. Check below to see what's more have been updated in Hohem M6.

There are 2 small buttons on the left, they allow you to set up motion time lapse from point A to B, so you can film motion time lapses in any app. But remember, focus is only working in the Hohem Joy App.

What's included?
iSteady M6 Gimbal, fill light with AI vision sensor, tripod, carrying case, USB-C charging cable, USB-C to USB-C cable and user manual.

Magnetic Fill Light
The magnetic fill light with built in AI vision tracking sensor is one of the biggest update in Hohem M6 kit. It's magnetic so you can use it with selfie camera and rear camera. There is an on and off button on the side, there is no Bluetooth required for AI tracking. It works on its own, it don't need any app. Just show the OK sign, the light will show green and the gimbal will track you, it's very sensitive. If you want to turn it off, then just show the stop sign. The light can be switched to CCT and RGB lihgt by pressing the button 3 times. When you select CCT, you can control temperature and brightness. When you select CCT, you can change color and brightness.

Vertical and Horizontal Mode
The Hohem M6 can film in vertical and horizontal mode, the range of movement is very good: pan has full 360 degrees, roll and tilt are 335 degrees. And the gimbal has an upgraded anti-shake system.

The difference between Hohem M6 and other mobile phone stabilizers:

iSteady M6 Others
More Free
The integration of magnetic fill light & AI vision sensor is dedicated to more accessible solo filmmaking than ever before.
Without AI Vision Sensor
Limited filmaking ideas
More Stable
Upgraded stabilization contributes to cinematically smooth footage.
Ordinary Motor Performance
Less stabilization; Blurry footage
Free angle movement and 360° infinite spin shot allow you to unlock more creativity.
Confined Camera Movement&Panning Rotation
Restricted Viewing Angle
More Robust
Payload up to 400g allows multiple accessories to be added.
Payload Insufficiency
Limited content creation

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